Our Building is Expanding! Thoughts from the IT Guru.

Building Expansion Project

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but in my company’s case it does! Over the last five years since we first moved into our new building, I have seen our company grow by leaps and bounds. Some of the people that I have been working with have become my good friends. To state a cliché, we really are like a “family” of sorts.

One of the things that are very important here is customer service. It is stressed to the limit–then stressed some more. I know that most of our staff members try very hard to go that extra mile for their customers. I hear them do it every day.

I walk around fixing computers and hear our agents talk to the clients that call in. The rapport that they build is awesome. Some of our agents have developed such great friendships with their customers that the agents are sent gifts at Christmas time.

Because our company has grown so much over the last five years, let alone in over ten years that we have been in business, this year, the Fernandez family (the owners) made the choice to step out in a touchy economy and expand.

Weeks and weeks of banging and drilling, headaches and irritated coworkers (I think I had a big part in that one to be honest here) have ended now that our building is almost complete. Adding 6,000 square feet to our already existing building will enable us to serve our customers so much better. The extra space to our building will allow us to hire more and more staff members and therefore be able to provide even better service to our customers.

You wanna know something? Since I work in computers and do not answer the phones, I sometimes envy the agents here. Being able to talk to new and exciting people while helping them design or book their dream vacation seems like a really neat job to have!

It really is exciting to be expanding and growing at such an awesome rate. Pretty soon we are going to out-grow this newly expanded office once again. All because our customers are awesome and they keep coming back.

Here are some photos of our office building as the construction begins and is nearing completion.


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