Reasons to Travel in North America

When most Americans think of taking a special vacation, they think of exotic, far-off lands, cultures they’ve never experienced. But it’s very possible to have a memorable travel experience right here in North America. North America covers a lot of ground, and a wide range of experiences are possible without ever having to stray too far from home.

Discovery (and Re-discovery)

North America is a big place; even the United States alone contains a multitude of cultures, landscapes, and destinations to visit. It’s very likely you haven’t seen it all, and whether you are more interested in the local culture found in small towns, or in the natural and geographic features of the United States, you can find all sorts of sights worth seeing. From the Appalachians to the Rockies, from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore, from Yellowstone National Park to the ten thousand lakes of Minnesota, America’s uniquely diverse geography can provide for an invigorating, enriching vacation experience.

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Even if you have traveled America in the past, you may find visiting places you have not seen in a long time to be revitalizing, to give you a chance to look at them with fresh eyes, and to see how they’ve changed since you last saw them.


For starters, traveling within a country, or to a country that requires a short, non-overseas flight, is significantly cheaper than flying across an ocean to travel. In addition, should something go wrong (such as a family emergency), cutting the vacation short and returning home is a much easier and more realistic option.

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Beyond the cost savings to consider and the worst-case scenario, the fact is that you’ll already be in a place that shares some of your customs and language (obviously this is more true if you don’t leave the United States, but you can still get by in most other countries in North America with English). This will make adapting easier, and with fewer worries to how you’ll navigate the local culture, you’ll be more free to experience it fully.

The “Backyard” Effect

In some ways, the proximity is what makes the trip even more magical: The thought that so much beauty and diversity is sitting right there in your own backyard, ready for you to visit whenever you can, is invigorating. Those memories can carry you for a long time.

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A vacation to a far away place can be magical, but when we return to real life, it will seem just that way: Magical, something fanciful and far off in the distance. Part of the joy of vacationing nearby is the knowledge that such spots of culture, beauty, and tranquility are so close to home. Indeed, they are not places you will never make it back to; they are places in your own backyard, where, in the future, you might be able to arrange a return visit on short notice or for a short time, like a weekend.

North American travel has many virtues to offer, and the savvy traveler can make such a vacation go far– not only for the dollar, but for the sheer variety of experiences that can be had close to home. Visit today to start planning your North American vacation.