Review: European Highlights With Globus

By: Adam Pesquera, Travel Consultant

The title of the tour says it all European Highlights with Globus– This is one of the most efficient and busy tours that gives you the highlights of the most popular places in 4 different countries: London, Paris, Lucerne, Bergamo, Florence, Venice and Rome. My companion was my beautiful wife who made my experience that much more pleasing.

The reason we chose Globus, is due to their amazing successful track record as a first class tour operator. Globus arranged our airfare with the required layovers thus we didn’t have to stress about missing a connection. Conveniently there was a Globus representative wearing a red jacket with a Globus sign waiting for us. From beginning to end, we were taken care of. The itinerary was as follows:

Day 1: Arrive in London, England

As we arrived in London, we signed up for the Taste of London optional excursion. As we waited to begin our tour, we had time to go out in town to walk and do a little shopping. Our hotel was centralized, thus we were able to experience a taste of the city. This is a very cosmopolitan city with an amazing combination of cultures. We were surprised to see many Lebanese stores and restaurants.

Later we enjoyed a typical London dinner in a tavern where I had the best fish and chips… London style. Our evening was completed by an incredible river cruise on the Thames River.

Day 2: London-Paris, France

The next morning, our bus was waiting to take us to the train station where we took the Eurostar from London to Paris. The ride was about 2 hours.  Next, we were taken to the Eiffel Tower, where we started our river cruise on the Seine River. Later that evening, we joined an optional excursion where we had dinner at an amazing Parisian restaurant with entertainment.

A professional singer with an accordion accompanied us throughout our dinner. She sang for us the French song “La Vie en Rose” After, we were taken on a drive throughout the city with the tour director explaining and giving us historical facts about the city’s buildings and statues everywhere we went.

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Day 3: Paris

Next morning on our European Highlights with Globus, we enjoyed a guided sightseeing of the most popular places in Paris. Our tour director, Pria, was very experienced and shared details about all the sights we passed by. We saw the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, and a visited the renowned Fragonard Museum, where we were given a demonstration and explanation of the process how to make perfumes. Next, was the magnificent Louvre Museum, with the world-famous Mona Lisa. We walked around the area of the Louvre Museum where we experienced the magical, hundreds of year old construction. The rest of the evening we enjoyed walking around the city.

Day 4: Paris-Lucerne, Switzerland

This morning, we drove to Lucerne through the beautiful country side of vineyards and castles in France. Once in Lucerne, we went on a walking tour to the popular Lion Monument.

We then visited the inside of the Jesuit Church, where we experienced the magic of the sacred place. The rest of the day, we spent at leisure, walking around the amazing city. We did some shopping and enjoyed the scenery of the Swiss Alps and gardens.

Day 5: Lucerne-Bergamo, Italy

This morning, we had free time to walk around the city before parting to Bergamo. On the way to Bergamo, we drove through the mountains enjoying the view of the Swiss Alps. Once we arrived at Bergamo, we enjoyed a wonderful typical Italian dinner.

Day 6: Bergamo-Venice

One more day of fun. We drove to the old town of Bergamo, where the antique buildings and cathedrals have been preserved as they were originally built centuries ago. In order to reach the old town, we had to ride a funicular, which is a train that goes up a steep hill to reach the old town. We saw some impressive buildings, churches and statues. Then, we were on our way to Venice. As we arrived, we boarded a private boat to take us to the heart of Venice in St Mark’s Square. We visited the Basilica, and enjoyed a glass blowing demonstration, and had a chance to purchase the most popular Venician glass Mourano.

We then did some shopping, and finally we enjoyed to the BEST moment, the Gondola ride. What an experience! Globus contracted 2 professional musicians that sang for us opera style music through the canals, and it was so impressive, it’s easy to see why Venice is the city of romance. It is an experience of a lifetime. One would play acoustic guitar, one would sing and the person driving the Gondola would whistle… WOW what a team! The singer sang “Besame Mucho” for us in Italian and Spanish. We ended our evening with our included dinner pasta party.

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Day 7: Venice-Florence-Rome

On our way to Rome, we stopped in Florence. We had a guided tour with a local guide that walked us around the most popular buildings and cathedrals and the Baptistery’s “Gates of Paradise”. Later, we visited the Signoria Square, where we had a presentation of the different 18k gold pieces of jewelry made in Florence.

Also, we saw a presentation in a leather factory, where they teach you how to recognize true leather. The Signoria Square is impressive with many different Roman statues including Michael Angelo’s statue of David. Once we arrived in Rome, we had a fantastic dinner at a typical Italian restaurant.

Day 8: Rome

This day was the busiest of all on our European Highlights with Globus. An expert local guide took us to see about 75% of the most popular places in Rome. We visited the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel, where we saw sculptures and paintings everywhere. We were just taking photos at everything we could. It was a new world for us. We didn’t know whether to look to the right or the left since everywhere there was such an amazing art. Next, we went to St. Peter’s Square and Basilica enjoying Michael Angelo’s beautiful art. Things I had seen and read in history books where now in front of me. How exciting it was! We continued to the Colosseum, where our guide gave us details of gladiator fights.

We also visited the Trevi Fountain, where my wife and I made our wishes. Finally, we ended up visiting the magical Pantheon, where we saw the most outstanding architecture.

Day 9: Rome

Our European Highlights with Globus tour came to an end. We were transferred to the airport to come back home. We brought back memories and experiences that don’t have a price. Thanks to Globus, and our management team at Affordable tours,  who made  this trip possible for us.

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