Review: Hilton Vallarta Resort In Mexico

Hilton Vallarta Resort In Mexico

By: Levon Smith, Travel Consultant

When you think of the Caribbean, what comes to mind?  Mexico, Jamaica, blue water, jets skis, sun bathing on the beach, and much more. We never take into account the daily meal expenses, time at each port if we decide to cruise, and what kinds of activities can be enjoyed with a limited amount of time.

Accordingly, if you choose to take escorted or independent tours, when nap time calls, or you need a break, you have no choice but to stay with that group.

The best solution to all these quandaries is, in my mind, an all- inclusive resort! Many of us never think of resorts, instead booking pricey/ budget hotels in the middle of a city. The problem is that you go with a budget and come back with a bill. I’d like to take the time now to tell you about my resort experience. Once my bill was paid before arrival, I never had to worry about anything after that.

Hilton Vallarta Resort In Mexico

For my birthday this summer, I wanted a luxurious and gorgeous get away, but I had to be on a budget. As the birthday venue search began, Mexico was foremost on my mind. After reviewing the options Affordable Tours had to offer, I saw that I had an array of choices, including Riu, Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton. My chosen resort was Hilton Vallarta Resort in Mexico. There were so many options –from rooms with private pools catered exclusively for adults, to areas set aside for families that offered the same amenities.

Hilton Vallarta Resort In Mexico

This particular vacation of mine was adults only, so my 3 friends and I indulged in the Hacienda Amenities. This property has 4 pools, one right off the beach with full beach access. The food was great as well. I ate as much as I liked, wherever I liked, much like a cruise, and participated in resort excursions that were included in my price. We also enjoyed unlimited drinks, and it was a highlight to wake up to a Tequila Sunrise, and go to sleep with a Tequila Sour or homemade Sangria in hand…. I tried to sample everything on the menu, from octopus to squid.

Incidentally, we did leave the resort for a fun- filled day of horseback riding, and others partook in muddy dune buggy rides and death defying Zip lines.  Apart from that, there are so many other activities available for all types of adventure levels.

As far as a short 5 day tropical get away goes, Hilton Vallarta Resort in Mexico was a fabulous option.

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