Seven Reasons You Should Travel

Why travel? Most people think of vacations as a time to relax, and, of course, this is true. However, it can be possible to get respite from your routine while also doing something stimulating that will energize you for the rest of the year. Traveling can give you that stimulation; here are seven reasons a vacation can be stimulating, enriching, and invigorating.

History and Geography

Tradition and learning are not just to be found in the customs of the people: Many cultures have a great and rich history that can be explored and studied on a vacation. Traveling can not only put you among geography you may have never experienced for, but it can make the abstract concrete: A map or a picture is no substitute for firsthand participation.

Cultural Education

Visiting a new place can be a way to get a sense of its culture– there’s no better way to learn than firsthand. (You may even find some of your preconceptions were wrong.) The local customs and traditions of the people can be experienced both in the day-to-day and routine and in special events like local festivals. Learning how and why other cultures do the things they do can help illustrate the similarities between us, and help you better understand your fellow man.

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Learning a New Language

This may seem daunting, but for many people, the chance to learn a new language is a major allure to travel. While some travelers try to completely immerse themselves, this isn’t necessary if you don’t have the time; even just learning a few helpful phrases you can use to communicate with the locals on your trip will prove satisfying and mentally stimulating.

A Sense of Adventure

Breaking from a routine can be exciting. Human beings, tracing back to our hunter-gatherer roots, are hard-wired to need a certain sense of adventure and discovery to feel fulfilled. Travel is a great way to accomplish that, with a series of fresh experiences designed to engage the senses.

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Experiences and Stories

Part of the motivation for traveling is to create memorable experiences. Most of our day-to-day transactions become unmemorable because they are so routine; breaking that routine is not only invigorating but engages our minds in a way to create strong memories. These experiences can also make for great stories to tell friends and family back home.

Relationships and Memories

Traveling can make for new relationships and strengthen existing ones. With the right travel companion, a traveling experience is a way to create memories together and deepen a bond. In addition, you will meet locals and other travelers on your journey, and it’s possible to make friendships that way that can be rich and rewarding– perhaps you gain fresh perspectives from your new friends, or your next vacation can be made around plans to visit them later on. Some of these friendships last for life.

The Discovery of Self

The most important knowledge is self-knowledge. We learn more about ourselves when we put ourselves in new and unfamiliar situations. By how we handle our new surroundings and the challenges they may present, we come to realizations about how we want to act and who we want to be. Travel can be the best way to discover one’s character.

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