Review: Real Britain With Trafalgar

Britain With Trafalgar

By: Sunny Lewis, Senior Travel Consultant, CTA

My sister-in-law and I set out to visit England, Scotland and Wales on the Real Britain Britain with Trafalgar tour. It was a great adventure. London is my favorite city but I never ventured outside of the city to see other parts of Great Britain. My sister-in-law had never been abroad so this was the perfect tour for us combining the old with the new. We began with a 2 night stay in London where we had free time to explore on our own admiring the royal palaces, cathedrals and parks of this great city. This itinerary includes a city tour led by a local specialist.

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Explore New Undiscovered Tours With Globus

Undiscovered Tours With Globus

A new form of travel is emerging. Tour companies care more about giving their clients the chance to make genuine experiences and create memories, rather than just see the “big” stuff.  In 2017, Globus noticed that Italy, once the busiest tourist spot, had become the least popular destination out of Europe. Chief marketer, Steve Born, realized the reason for the decline was that once people visited the popular attractions, such as Venice, Florence, Rome, there was no reason to go back. So they decided to switch things up and create undiscovered tours with Globus.

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Cosmos Most Popular 2017 Destinations

Cosmos Most Popular 2017 Destinations - Norway

When we envision the perfect vacation, we see great hotels, amazing food, incredible sightseeing, and above all, we imagine creating lasting memories. No other company matches Cosmos expertise, their trip experiences and above all, their value. Cosmos provides a great mix of included excursions, optional activities and free time, so your vacation can be as involved or relaxed as you’d like. The Best of Britain and Ireland, as well as, Focus on Scandinavia are 2 of the most popular itineraries in 2017. Here are the highlights of each tour and why travelers are excited to explore these destinations.

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Staff Adventures: The Southern Supreme with CIE

The Southern Supreme with CIE Tours

The Southern Supreme
Riley Ae, CTA

Senior Travel Consultant
Toll Free: (800) 935-2620 x 110
Direct: (281) 269-2610
Fax: (281) 269-2690
E-mail: [email protected]

The Southern Supreme with CIE experience can best be summarized in the word “authentic.” Before taking this trip, that would not have meant as much to me. But now, having had the experience of delightful Irish folk in the capable company of CIE, I find it hard to imagine a combination of country and company that so amlessly meld into a premium travel experience. CIE has managed to do this with apparent ease. And as anyone in our business can tell you, when it comes to the business of travel, it only looks easy. That seamless experience is a collection of well-executed details and CIE has done that with a deft touch in the Southern Supreme.

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