Land and Sea Packages Offer The Best of Both Worlds

Two Perspectives on One Vacation.

Land and sea packages—sometimes called “cruisetours”—give travelers two wonderfully different ways to vacation: by land and by boat. Typically, these are trips that include some time spent on a cruise ship, with all of the fabulous amenities you’ll find at sea: casino, live shows, spa and incredible included meals. Plus, there’s time spent on an escorted tour, where you will stay in one city or town and take day trips from the area, or overnight in several cities, sightseeing in fascinating locales that simply aren’t accessible by boat. An ideal combination!

While some land and sea itineraries are as short as seven days, many last 10 days, two weeks or more. The in-depth exploration from two different perspectives gives travelers the opportunity to truly get to know an area of the world in detail. You’ll immerse yourself in the land, culture, people, history and food of a region.

 Also, with land and sea packages, all of your arrangements have been made for you. That is, you don’t have to worry about transferring from the tour portion of your vacation to the dock for embarking on your cruise. With land and sea packages, all of your transfers—for you and your luggage—have been taken care of for you.

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Finally, pricing of land and sea packages is generally lower than if you combined a tour and cruise on your own. Not only are these types of vacations hassle free, but they are reasonably priced, too, given the amount of ground (or water!) you’ll cover on a land and sea vacation! Here are 2 popular cruisetour destinations:

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5 Ways to Save Money for Your Vacation

These days it seems harder and harder to save for your or your family’s vacation, here are 5 easy ways to save:

1. Open a high interest savings account that you have limited availability to just for your vacation. An example is Capital One 360 (formerly ING) Savings account. Have a small amount on payday auto-debited into this account. (Even $10 or $20 a paycheck really adds up.)

2. Just like when you were a kid, a simple way to save is by having a change jar. Every day throw the change in your pocket into a jar, also get your kids involved they will get excited about saving for the vacation and start looking for change everywhere. Every few months take it to the bank then transfer the savings into your vacation fund.

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