Review: Bermuda Aboard Oceania Riviera

By: Richard Doll, Senior Travel Consultant (CTA)

After taking many cruises with many different lines I just had the opportunity to sail with Oceania.  I have to say it did not disappoint.  The highlight of our itinerary was to be three days in Bermuda, which I was really looking forward to.  Alas, Mother Nature did not cooperate, at boarding we were informed the ship would not be able to make it to Bermuda due to inclement weather and high seas.  This put a lot of pressure on the staff to keep the guests happy, and they really did a great job.  Oceania is known for having “The Finest Cuisine at Sea”, and now I know how they earned that distinction.  From the Grand Ballroom main dining room, to the four specialty restaurants we dined in, everything was spectacular.  

We did visit Charleston, SC and that was a very charming historic town.  The general consensus among the guests was the cruise was very nice, the food was outstanding, and everyone I talked to just decided they would have to book a new cruise to Bermuda.  That seems like a fantastic idea to me!