Review: Alaska With Princess Cruises

By: Amalia Marin, Senior Travel Consultant (CTA)

I just took my very first cruise and chose to go to Alaska with Princess. Since it’s my first cruise, I don’t have anything to really compare it to, but all I can say is that it was a remarkable experience!  

The ship we sailed on was the Crown Princess. I loved all the different amenities, activities, entertainment and dining offered onboard. I think food is very important for most, so I’ll say that their food was really varied, fresh, and delicious. There is something for everybody and the seafood options were especially tasty. Main dining was so incredible that we didn’t even find it necessary to try the specialty dining…but, of course, we tried it anyway and that was a really great experience. 

On days we were at sea we always had something to see and do. There were broadway-style performances, comedians, dance classes, and more. There’s a gym, a spa, a casino, pools, and an area for golf and games.

Aside from the experience onboard the ship, the time we spent at the ports and enjoying Alaska was my favorite. The trip started in Vancouver and we visited Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Icy Strait Point. The towns were very nice but Alaska’s natural wonders are the true reason to visit. We were able to view Hubbard Glacier and we took a few optional excursions as well. We visited a salmon hatchery and enjoyed an outdoor salmon bake. We took a train ride with the most amazing views of mountains, creeks, and forests. We canoed on Lake Harriet Hunt and did a nature trail through the rainforest. 

I loved Alaska and would definitely recommend exploring this beautiful state with Princess cruises.

Review: Secrets Of The Rockies And Glacier National Parks With Trafalgar

Rockies and Glacier National Parks with Trafalgar
By: Amalia Marin, CTA and Senior Travel Consultant

As I was planning my next vacation with my travel companion, we decided we wanted to be surrounded by natural beauty and gorgeous landscapes, so we chose to go on Secrets of the Rockies and Glacier National Parks with Trafalgar. We had traveled with Trafalgar in the past, on a National Parks tour in the United States, and loved the experience. Accordingly, we felt Trafalgar would do an excellent job showing us the best of Canada’s parks as well.

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Review: The Sicilian With Globus

By: Amalia Marin, CTA and Senior Travel Consultant

History, culture, architecture, and gastronomy; Sicily has it all condensed in one beautiful island. These were some of the biggest reasons why we chose to take The Sicilian with Globus tour. When I told others that we were taking this tour, they asked, “didn’t you already go to Italy (referring to the mainland)?” Italians from all different regions of the country have a strong sense of identity and any of them will tell you that Sicily is not the same as the other regions. If you’ve already experienced the mainland, Sicily is still a must.

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