Discover the Advantages of Escorted Tours

When choosing a new destination to vacation, or when your goal is relaxation and freedom from stress and worry, an escorted tour is often the best option. From start to finish, an escorted tour is carefully crafted by experts to insure you see all the landmarks and experience everything the country has to offer, while making sure you have plenty of free time for solo exploring. On an escorted tour, you can sit back and relax, knowing experts have taken care of your every need. Here are some of the advantages of escorted tours.

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Guide to Different Tour Styles by

Here at, we partner with a number of reputable tour companies to offer you a variety of tours to different destinations, with differing lengths and amenities, and of different styles. Read on to discover the many styles of tours you can book for your next vacation.

Escorted Tour

Our most popular type of vacation is the escorted tour.  Vacationers may not be familiar with their travel destinations, and may find the challenge of learning all about a foreign locale and determining the best itinerary on their vacation intimidating. With an escorted tour, many of these details are handled by professionals and all included in the packaged price. An escorted tour is usually led by a single tour director who is in charge of the details and services for the duration of the trip. The tour director arranges all transportation and even baggage handling as you go from destination to destination within your tour package.

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Some features you might find in an escorted tour:

  • A single tour director from beginning to end
  • Internal flights (flights between destinations within a tour), hotels, motor-coach as the primary mode of transportation, and other transportation
  • Meals included
  • Sightseeing included
  • Moderate to Fast pace, often no more than two nights in a single locationContinue reading