Staff Adventures: Caribbean Hideaways With Oceania

Caribbean Hideaways
10 Days of Cruising & Culinary Delight Aboard The Oceania Riviera
Kristin Woodall
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Over the last 8 years, I have enjoyed working with clients in creating signature experiences aboard the dream ships of the world’s best cruise lines. I’ve learned that those experiences are realized when there is a confluence of passions. Customers bring their own passions for food, entertainment, luxury and travel; cruise lines that help create those signature experiences also bring a passion for excellence that creates long term relationships with repeat customers. I share that passion both as a purveyor of travel and as a prospective passenger aboard the dream ships. That passion was re-ignited when I stepped aboard Oceania’s Riviera for the 10-day Caribbean Hideaways sailing. When speaking with clients, I had often highlighted Oceania’s connoisseur experience and premium amenities. So I was thrilled when the opportunity came to create my own signature experience in upscale cruising with Oceania. I was delighted that I even received quite a few tips from clients about making the most of my time aboard Riviera, itself an ultimate destination.

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