Take a cruise in style with Celebrity Cruises

One of our AffordableTours.com partners is Celebrity Cruises, one of the top cruise lines in the world. Celebrity offers cruises to all parts of the world, including immersive cruisetours that allow vacationers to get to know locales in-depth. Celebrity is known for delivering cruises that live up to the luxury they promise, with top-flight facilities and staff and a number of on-board activities to keep vacationers engaged and relaxed.

Cruising in Luxury

Perhaps no symbol better embodies luxury cruising than Celebrity Cruises’ iconic “X”. What sets Celebrity Cruises apart is the the level of detail to which Celebrity makes sure that every cruise is appointed to provide luxury and comfort to the vacationer. Celebrity’s ships reflect contemporary design while also providing the comforts of traditional luxury. Thought and care has been put into every stage of the cruise: The meals, for example, aren’t just gourmet food from a variety of cuisines, but are served in venues designed to provide a top-flight dining experience. Celebrity cruise ships have one staff member for every two guests, so personal service is always ready and available for you.

On-Board Activities

As befits a luxury cruise, Celebrity provides top-notch recreation and entertainment for its travelers. The leisure activities on a Celebrity cruise cover a wide range of interests, including the following:

Health. A cruise is meant to be relaxing, and while some people find relaxation best by taking a load off and doing as little as possible, others need some kind of physical stress release. Celebrity offers a number of options including yoga, cycling classes, and Zumba® fitness classes. On the less active but more educational side, seminars are available on topics such as acupuncture and anti-aging treatments.

Food and Drink. Beyond the meals served on board, Celebrity cruises offer a few experiences for the aspiring gourmand to learn more about food and drink. Learn how to pair food and wine, learn how the shape and quality of a wine glass affects the flavor, learn the basics of mixology, or just watch the ship’s chefs in action at a cooking competition.

Learning. For those who understand learning can be fun and isn’t limited to the classroom, Celebrity has a selection of programs on board. You might take language lessons with the Rosetta Stone program, or engage in some hands-on art classes. If appreciating art is your thing more than making art is, you might take the self-guided art tour. Dance classes are available. If you want to sit back and relax, perhaps you would enjoy the series of expert speakers from Smithsonian Journeys.

Fun. Celebrity knows a little light competition can be just the thing for a good time. You can even play sports on board the ship, including basketball, golf putting, and pool volleyball. Other fun pool activities are offered as well, and ship officers often join in. Trivia contests and video games are a less strenuous way to exert some competitive energy.

Celebrity is one of the top cruise lines in the world, their fleet of 11 ships always reliable for an unparalleled luxury cruise experience. To get the best deal possible on your next Celebrity cruise, book through AffordableTours.com today.

Photos courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.

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