The Benefits of Independent Travel

While many of the tours we’ve talked about recently involve guidance in some form or another—whether they be cruises, guided sightseeing tours, or unique adventure tours—the independent travel option is popular with a certain type of person, as well. Read on to learn more about independent travel, some offerings from our partners, and decide if it might be for you.

What is Independent Travel?

The idea behind independent travel is that, rather than vacation in an environment like a luxury cruise, or go on a guided tour where someone else sets the itinerary and schedule, you take a vacation to some area (or series of locations) where you are then free to explore however you see fit. This leaves you with the freedom to explore wherever you would like, while at the same time making sure the basics of your vacation are covered so you have everything you need.

Globus does just that with their independent travel line called Monograms.

Monograms by Globus

One of Globus’ goals with Monograms is to encourage independent travel while still providing a reliable resource for the traveler. With Monograms, the basics like your hotel and transportation are provided and covered, but the rest of your vacation is not scheduled. You are free to explore as you see fit, to roam at your own pace, to take the vacation that most satisfies you.

The Local Host® is key to the Monograms travel package. Monograms does not send you along with a tour director who’s planned every stop of your vacation. The schedule is yours and yours alone. Monograms will, however, provide you with a Local Host who is an expert on the area. The Local Host will give you an initial tour of the overall area, and will be available for you to consult with any particular questions you have. You don’t have to book a tour that includes things you may not be interested in, and if you fall in love with a destination, you don’t have to stick to a rigid schedule, either.

The Local Host is there to help you customize your vacation. Anything you want to know about what to see or do in the area, no matter how great or small, is fair. From the best local shopping and cafés, to the best locations to view and commune with nature, to suggestions of unique areas off the beaten path, the Local Host is an expert and is there not only to answer your questions, but to provide suggestions for unique experiences that you may not have known about or considered.

With the Local Host, Monograms by Globus provides just the right level of service that a traveler will want in an independent vacation– friendly and helpful, but without a pre-planned itinerary. If independent travel sounds like something you want to try, you can book your vacation on Monograms through today.

Photos courtesy of Monograms by Globus
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