The Convenience of River Cruising

Cruising the water ways of Europe, Russia or China is an incredibly convenient—and fun—way to take in many world-renowned sites, cosmopolitan cities and quaint towns. You visit multiple locations on your vacation, but you only have to unpack your luggage once!

From the outdoor deck of your “floating hotel,” you can relax in a lounge chair and watch scenic countryside pass by. But you can also see breathtaking scenery from just about everywhere on the ship—from your room, in the lounge or at the restaurant. You have many opportunities to take stunning photos of ancient castles, charming villages or major monuments.

Comfortable accommodations include staterooms that are typically larger than what you might find on an ocean cruise; many have sliding glass doors and hotel style beds. On-board amenities may include fitness centers, spas, coffee bars, Internet access or even small swimming pools. The flat-bottomed shape of river cruise ships and the lack of wave action on the rivers provide a safe and smooth ride without any worries about motion sickness.

River-cruising ships can dock at smaller towns and villages that larger vessels can’t reach. Ships sail directly to the heart of every destination, docking where you can walk right off the ship to enjoy the day’s activities. Plus, local guides lead you on informative excursions at your ports of call, where you learn all about the local history, culture and customs.

River cruising is an intimate experience, with just 100 to 300 guests on board. It’s easy to get to know other passengers—as well as attentive crew—especially in the ship’s dining room. On these small ships, everyone eats at the same time and meals are festive but casual affairs, typically with no assigned seating. Enjoy local wines with dinner and evening entertainment.

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