The Earlier You Book, The More You Save

[Updated 2/23/17]
In the past getting the best deal on your vacation meant waiting until the very last minute and seeing what was still available, but times have changed in the travel industry. Now you usually will receive the best discounts the earlier you book, even some companies guarantee if your “Book Early” rate decreases you will receive the difference back. Booking early means best choice in accommodations, avoiding sold out space, cheaper airline fares, bigger discounts, upgrades and more time for you to plan your vacation means less headache in the end.

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Most companies have an “Early Booking Discount”, usually you do need to pay for your vacation in full by a certain date, which can save you hundreds! For some companies when you book early they will also through in free upgrades on your accommodations and have a guarantee that if the cost of your vacation decreases before you leave they will refund the difference to you.

Airfare is much cheaper when you book early as well as giving you the peace of mind that date and time you wanted is still available. Most companies in the tourism industry likes to have an idea of the space they are filling ahead of time, so they will offer you the best discounts usually for booking at least 9 months in advance, this could range from; 10% discount, inside to an ocean view, onboard credit, free air with vacation package, even discount on your vacation plus upgrade and air savings.

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Booking your vacation early also saves you the headache of last minute scrambling around for air, excursions with limited space, and booking undesirable accommodations. When you book months in advance you have time to plan ahead, save money for items you want to buy or restaurants you want to eat at, sites you want to visit. You can research your destination, local favorites, “Must See” spots and create a lists of everything you need to take with you on your vacation; visas, currency, electrical converters, travel gear and documents.

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[Updated 2/23/17]