The Monograms Difference

Monograms, part of the Globus family of brands, offers independent vacation packages designed for the free-spirited traveler who desires to create their own personal experience. In 2003, Globus, one of our most trusted travel partners, introduced Monograms as their Independent Travel division and has since become a leader in providing independent travel packaged vacations.

Monograms Vacation Packages offer everything you need in an all-in-one package, this is the Monograms Difference.

The Monograms Difference

The first and foremost aspect of the Monograms Difference is the local host. With a local host, you don’t have to worry about learning the lay of the land before you show up, making plans based on information that might be out-of-date before you arrive, or, for that matter, making plans at all.

The benefits of the local host become apparent immediately: The local host will pick you up from the airport and arrange your transportation for the rest of the trip. Not only is that one less worry for you, but your local host may know some means of travel you wouldn’t have thought of that are worth trying. (For example, he might suggest traveling between one city to the next by train, so as to better take in the surrounding landscape.)

In addition to the benefits of the local host, Monograms vacations often include VIP access to major tourist attractions: If you want to see the famous landmarks, you won’t have to wait in lines that could take hours. (We did mention the landmarks were famous, right?) If you’re looking for something more out of the way, or more true to the cultural experience of the local residents, your local host will be familiar with all the “hidden gems” that give you that experience and make such a vacation special.

Of course, the local host will also be aware of recent changes that may not show up in your planning (if you want to take a mode of transportation or see an exhibit that has recently closed, for example). The local host’s familiarity with the area allows him or her to adjust travel plans effortlessly for whatever happens, no matter how sudden or unexpected.

Without your local host, it’s very possible for you to get lost in a foreign country, with no sure means of transport or place to stay, and without any idea of where to go next.

Wanderlist Travel Deals

What is Monograms Wanderlist? The Monograms Wanderlist is a special line of travel package deals that changes monthly. Each month, Monograms lines up ten vacation packages and offers 20% off each one. These packages aren’t necessarily last-minute sales; you can still book your tour months in advance. Monograms offers a wide range of worldwide packages each month, so you’ll have a variety from which to choose– and if you don’t see one you like, you can always wait and try again next month (but be sure you book it then; once a Wanderlist deal is gone, it’s gone).

If you’d like to know more about Monograms Vacation Packages, or if you’re ready to book yours, visit or call 1-800-935-2620. Our professionals will get you the best price on your Monograms tour.