The Value of Monograms Tours

Independent travel can, on the surface, seem like a great way to save money on a vacation– for the adventurous, it might be a challenge to see how many sights they can discover on their own, or how far they can go on a small amount of money.

It certainly is a challenge, tough, and often more hassle than it’s worth. If your idea of a vacation is to relax, as well as to make sure you see the true highlights of each location and don’t have any problems on any stage of your journey, then a guided tour is the way to go. Guided tours from Monograms are the best way to vacation well.

The key component of a Monograms guided tour is the local host. Each and every Monograms vacation package includes one: The local host is just that, a local resident of the area who will serve as your guide for the vacation. The host knows the area inside and out and is prepared for anything. Your host will pick you up at the airport and arrange your transportation throughout the rest of the trip, whether that’s a car to take you to your hotel, a bus ride from city to city, or a train through the countryside to your destination. Your host will take you on sight-seeing trips to make sure you see exactly what you want to see, as well as what else is worth seeing that you may not have been aware of. Your guide will also be prepared for everything: You will not have to worry about the unexpected happening to you in a foreign land, because your local host will anticipate your needs and the possibilities and will be there to take care of anything that arises.

Even if you still think you can manage to see and do everything you think you want to in a foreign land with no guide, without any difficulties, Monograms guided tours still offer two things you can’t get on your own:

The first is VIP access to certain popular tourist attractions. You won’t have to wait in the long lines that come with tourist visits to famous destinations and landmarks. Monograms has a deal with many such attractions where their Guided Tours customers are allowed to skip the long lines.

The second is the collection of hidden treasures and secrets that every local host knows about, the ones that don’t show up in tourist guides. Perhaps a local restaurant in a small town, one you might never have visited otherwise, has a dish that’s to die for. (Maybe it’s even off the menu, the sort of thing only a local would know about.) Perhaps the countryside has many beautiful natural landmarks which aren’t well-known and aren’t covered in the guidebooks. Perhaps your local host knows some artisans who can take you in and give you a tour of their craft. All of this is possible with a guided tour in a way that it simply isn’t when you vacation on your own.

If the amenities and benefits of a guided tour sound appealing to you, let get you the best price on your vacation with Monograms.