6 Tips To Take Better Travel Photos With A Smartphone

Take Better Travel Photos

With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to take high-quality travel photos while on vacation. While it may seem just as easy as pointing and clicking, there is much more to taking a pictures. So, what’s the secret to taking great pictures when you only have your cell phone? Check out these tips on how to take better travel photos with your smartphone.


Take Better Travel Photos

A clear picture that is in focus is the first step to taking better travel photos. In order to make sure your photo isn’t blurry and that it has perfect lighting, simply tap the screen of your smartphone and the camera will autofocus. If your phone is still having trouble autofocusing, make sure the lens of your smartphone is wiped clean of dust, lint and fingerprints that it could have collected from your pocket, purse or hands.

Zoom In

Take Better Travel PhotosWhen traveling, it might be hard to get as close as you would like to the subject you are photographing. While it is tempting to zoom in on something specific, it also makes the photo blurry and grainy because the smartphone zoom function doesn’t work the same as a normal camera. The best way to make sure you get a clear picture is to get as close as (safely) possible to the subject and take the photo from the default distance. Feel free to crop the picture on your phone later on and it won’t compromise the quality of the picture.

Align The Camera

Take Better Travel Photos

While it feels natural to hold the camera vertically, don’t be afraid to take pictures horizontally. The orientation of the phone can completely change the composition of your picture. No matter what direction you hold your phone, make sure you camera is even with the ground so you picture isn’t crooked.

Take Better Travel Photos

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Take Better Travel PhotosPosing in front of your favorite monument or landmark make for some great pictures, but don’t be afraid to snap some candid shots of your travel partner. Smiling and saying ‘cheese’ doesn’t capture the emotions and essences of the moment around you. Don’t be afraid to take lots of lots of pictures, you can always go back and delete the ones that don’t live up to your standards.

Natural Light

Take Better Travel PhotosLighting is one of the most important features in pictures. The built in flash that cell phones have can make subjects look less than ideal, so scope out natural light whenever you can. Be extra careful where there is a strong light coming from behind because it will make everything look like a silhouette. If you’re taking a photo at dusk or indoors, try a few with a flash and several without.

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It can be hard to learn all the features of your smartphone camera while you are on vacation, so play around with your cell phone camera before you leave the house. Figure out how to turn on and off the flash, how to autofocus, how to adjust lighting, and how to switch from video mode, to camera mode. Learning to use your smartphone camera like a pro will help you take better travel photos when exploring the world.

Travel pictures are one of the best ways to preserve memories of exploring the world. The most important tip is to have fun when you are trying new things and thinking outside of the box. No matter what pictures you come home with, you’ll always be able to remember your vacation.