Top 8 Most Bike-Friendly Cities

Bike-Friendly Cities

From the most obvious choices to hidden gems, this list includes the best bike-friendly cities for any cyclist.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Bike-Friendly Cities

Copenhageners love biking. In fact, there are more bikes than inhabitants in Copenhagen. The streets are in their favor, lights are programmed for faster bike lanes during rush hour, and they are still adding more roads and bridges to the already existing 233 miles of cycle tracks, not to mention how aesthetically pleasing the designs are.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Bike-Friendly Cities

When it comes to cycling, of course Netherlands would be at the top of the list. Utrecht takes the sport even further by providing the largest bike parking garage for free. The city also implemented Flo, a system that signals you with a hare, turtle or a cow to help you catch a green light. This means that cyclists will stop less and they will get to their destination at faster times.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Do we even have to explain this one? If you don’t cycle in Amsterdam, you haven’t been in Amsterdam. At first it’s complete chaos, with angry locals speeding past each other, but there are strict rules to keep cyclists safe and once you understand them, you’ll be an expert on the streets of Amsterdam.

Strasbourg, France

This is the number one bike friendly French city and they have celebrated it for over 20 years with their annual festival, La Fête du Vélo and many other cycling events. Its UNESCO- designated historical city center, Grande Île, has narrow streets and alleys that are the perfect place to tour on bike while admiring the churches, and half-timber houses.

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Montreal, Canada

Montreal puts to use the 400 miles of bike paths by hosting annual festivals, like the Tour de l’Île. Apart from the many bike rentals spread across the city, Montreal made a cheaper option called Bixi available from April to November. With tons of art spread around this welcoming city, the best way to view it all is by bike.

Portland, Oregon

One of the representatives of the western hemisphere for bike-friendly cities, Portland makes cycling fun by giving it a quirky twist only they can. The city of Portland highlights preferred paths to tour the city that are perfect for beginners and experts. The annual summer festival Pedalpalooza welcomes locals and visitors alike for free family events during a whole month.

Barcelona, Spain

In recent years, Barcelona, Spain made changes to promote cycling and it had positive effects. They expanded their cycling tracks on their main streets. This alone encouraged more citizens to participate in the more environmentally friendly form of transport. They took inspiration from the Dutch and implemented a bike rental service all over the city, for both tourist and locals.

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Bogota, Colombia

This city is introducing itself into cycling with its weekly Ciclova. Every Sunday, streets and highways close and anyone can enjoy the fresh air on any non-motor form of transportation. Food carts along the streets allow for a quick stop to have warm arepas and empanadas. The streets also provide a space for art and street performers to express themselves. It’s definitely an interesting experience to see the next cycling city on the rise.

Bike-friendly cities helps you tour and discover new destinations at the perfect pace, and you also participate in the city’s values to conserve the environment and have a healthier lifestyle.

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