Top Cruise Destinations According to Our Travelers

A cruise can be a nice change of pace from a traditional vacation. Cruise ships have top-notch amenities and high levels of service, so you won’t have to worry about needing something you can’t find or leaving something behind at home– your needs will be well cared for.

If you’re thinking about booking a cruise as your next vacation, you may want to go with something tried and true. While popularity isn’t everything, in a vacation destination, it’s usually a good sign if people keep going back. Here are the cruise destinations most popular among our vacationers.


It should be no surprise that the Caribbean Sea is one of our most popular cruise destinations: It offers the possibility for beautiful sight-seeing and warm weather year-round. The size of the Caribbean also means your cruise could take a number of different routes, be of a number of different lengths, and stop at a number of different ports. It’s easy for a cruisegoer to customize a vacation in the Caribbean to let them see any number of sights or particular destinations.

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In a cruise through the Western Caribbean, your experience will be rich with history and adventure– you’ll get the chance to explore Mayan ruins and other archaeological wonders. An Eastern Caribbean cruise tends to be more laid-back, with beaches and more traditional tourist attractions and services. In the Southern Caribbean, wildlife is the name of the game: many of these remote islands have not been touched by modern civilization, and you’ll be able to explore a wondrous and diverse set of wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else.


he set of islands just off the coast of Florida carry many of the same advantages of the Caribbean when it comes to weather, beaches, and the other attributes that make a tropical destination so appealing. The Bahamas’ major advantages are based in proximity, both to the American coast and to each other. It’s much more feasible to book a short cruise in the Bahamas if that’s all you have time for, whereas nearly all Caribbean cruises will be at least seven days. And if destinations are part of your appeal, the shorter travel time between islands and ports means you’ll get to spend more time at each location, if you wish.

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At the same time, you can still find many of the same things you would in the Caribbean– gorgeous beaches, exotic nightlife, and more. For families, a cruise in the Bahamas can include some private islands that are designed so that kids will have something to do on vacation as well.


European cruises tend to take place in one of two major areas: Western Europe and Northern Europe. Western European cruises almost always take place in the Mediterranean, and tend to stop at ports along that sea– Spain, France, Italy, and the like.  A northern European cruise will more likely take you around the North Sea, where you can port in the United Kingdom, Denmark, The Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries.

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Each journey offers a wide range of experiences, as every culture is different and you’ll get to experience quite a few of them no matter which cruise you choose. That makes a cruise to Europe a consistently appealing experience, perennially popular among vacationers. Europe has  thousands of years of history and culture, a cruise can be a great way to experience a sampling of it. offers great deals on all of these cruises, and professionals who will work with you to find the vacation that’s right for you. Visit our website to learn more.

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