Top Exclusive European Excursions With Azamara

Excursions with Azamara

Azamara is all about bringing its guests on authentic and immersive voyages all around the world. One way they deliver an incredible cruise experience for their travelers is through their exclusive concept of AzAmazing Evenings. On most itineraries, travelers get to enjoy the destinations at an included, unique event, just for Azamara guests. Private excursions with Azamara are designed specifically to deliver authentic experiences that bring travelers closer to a place, and immerse you in its culture and people.

These select evenings mean more overnight stays at popular ports so guests don’t miss out on the nightlife in an area, can mingle with more locals, and get a chance to enjoy an evening free of crowds that can gather during daylight hours. The ports and events organized by Azamara are extremely private and part of what makes sailings so special. Here are just a few of the AzAmazing places in Europe to cruise to and experience exclusive excursions with Azamara.


Excursions with Azamara

For a truly unique cruise, book a voyage to Spain leaving from Lisbon, Portugal. This itinerary visits many popular destinations, like Seville, Valencia, and Barcelona. Sample tapas and see Moorish palaces, admire the 15th century Gothic architecture, and in Barcelona, enjoy Gaudi’s iconic modern work and a diverse culinary scene. Through excursions with Azamara, every step immerses your deeper into the culture, customs, sights, and tastes of Spain.

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To add on to your experience, Azamara offers a complimentary an AzAmazing Evening of entertainment in Valencia. Head to the City of Arts and Sciences, a cultural, entertainment, and architectural complex made up of different buildings. Here you can sip Agua de Valencia champagne cocktails upon arrival. Travelers are then escorted to their seating to watch a futuristic show set in the year 2050 with acrobats, dancers, music, and lights. This is truly a spectacular, authentic experience to help bring you closer the culture of Valencia.

Excursions with Azamara
City of Arts and Sciences Building


Excursions with Azamara

Set sail from Monaco on a 7 night cruise, following along the Mediterranean and the Italian coast, ending in the Eternal City of Rome. Stroll through the resort town of Santa Margherita, take in the rugged coast of Portovenere, ride a cable car to the top of a mountain, and swim in the sparkling seas in Bonifacio.  Indulge your senses in the beauty of the landscape, rich history, and Tuscan culinary delights.

Excursions with Azamara
Goldoni Theatre

To top off your cruise, go on private excursions with Azamara and attend an AzAmazing Evening at the Goldoni Theatre in Livorno, just a short walk from Cavour Square. At the theatre, opened in 1847, enjoy the opera performance by the Incanto Quartet, a soprano group who will sing both classic Italian songs and their take on more contemporary ones. This exclusive performance will sure be the highlight of your Italian cruise.

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Excursions with Azamara

Get a little taste of everything when you cruise the Adriatric, embarking on a voyage from Venice to Athens. Go on a journey of discovery and explore underground caves in Solvenia, and monasteries perched precariously on top of cliffs in Greece, and visit Katakolon for a trip to Olympia, the birthplace of the first Olympics. On excursions with Azamara, you will discover the smaller places that give the region its distinct, local flavor with a dash of adventure thrown in.

While visiting overnight in Dubrovnik, plan for a musical evening in Old Town for a private event. After dinner onboard and the crowds have left the city, stroll along the cobblestone streets to the medieval town square where you can take in the panoramic views of the ancient walls and streets lit up for the evening’s event. Settle in for a performance of Croatia’s folk musical heritage combined with classical training by cellist Ana Rucner. You will be enchanted by both the setting and the musical night during this select performance.

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Excursions with Azamara

With each cruise, Azamara offers itineraries that bring travelers deeper on excursions with Azamara at to each location and inspire them to get immersed in the arts, culture, history, and natural wonder at every stop. Learn to explore, dine, play and live like a local when you make mozzarella with an Italian family, or visit an exotic market with Azamara’s chef, or go on a desert adventure. The opportunities are endless. Not to mention, Azamara takes cruisers one step further to delve into the local culture all the more with the carefully curated, private AzAmazing Evenings. It’s a new way to stop and savor the world.