Revealed: Top Specialty Restaurants On Princess Cruises

If you’re planning on going on a memorable vacation with Princess cruises, we have great news for you. Now your cruise will become a foodie traveler’s dream with these specialty restaurants on Princess cruises. Here are a few that we recommend:

SHARE : Curtis Stone

Indulge in a personalized six-course dining experience like no other with award winning author and chef Curtis Stone. He started his career in his hometown of Australia, then moved to London before opening two restaurants in Los Angeles, Maude and Gwen, both a success, and with so much experience in the culinary art he takes ultimate fine dining to another level with beautiful plating, bold flavors, and decadent desserts.

SHARE was created with the goal to bring people together to build connections and make memories over delicious plates of food. Whether you are aboard Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess or Sun Princess this restaurant will bring a smile to everybody’s face while you talk about your exciting day on board.

Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria

When you try the chicken with salsa al Limoncello con rosemarino or the Tortelloni with roasted lamb, you’ll travel straight to Italy with the flavors that Chef Angelo Auriana brings from his home country to your table. This restaurant combines the best of traditional Italian flavors and recipes, and the contemporary dining experience into one.

Chef Angelo Auriana is from Bergamo, a town in northern Italy. After graduating from culinary school, he moved to the U.S at 23 years old and started working for Piero Selvaggio in several of his restaurants. He then opened his own two restaurants, Officine BRERA and The Factory Kitchen, and was awarded a diploma from the mayor of Bergamo for sharing his Italian heritage in the United States. Of course there is no way to delight in authentic pasta without the best Italian wines or a traditional glass of limoncello after dinner, and in Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria the best cocktails and wines are there for you to enjoy. Dine at Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria on Caribbean Princess and Grand Princess.

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La Mer

Chef Emmanuel Renaut brings the best of France to your vacation. He is the owner of three Michelin star restaurant, Flocons de Sel located in the French Alps, he was named Chef of the Year by La Chef in 2012, and he holds the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsmen of France).

With such a legendary career, it’s no surprise he utilizes exquisite flavors and gives them a touch of personality in each dish served in La Mer. Such as the Mont Blanc, made with sweet chestnut, blueberry gel, and vanilla cream bavarois, which represents the view of the French Alps from Renaut’s restaurant. La Mer is not just about the creative use of fresh ingredients, this French bistro experience begins with the unique restaurant design. To experience La Mer book a cruise on Majestic Princess, Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess.

When you are on a Princess cruise and these upscale restaurants are available to you, we highly recommend visiting them. No price compares to settling down at the end of a fun-filled day and enjoying the company of your family over food that delights all of the senses. With great chefs behind each dish we guarantee you’ll be craving more!