We Predict Top Travel Destinations for 2017: Part 2

“Where should I go next?” is a question that is always on every travelers mind. With so many authentic experiences to connect travelers to cultures, people and traditions, deciding where to travel to can be a bit overwhelming. All signs are pointing to 2017 being a very busy travel year. To help you decide on your next adventure, we compiled part 2 of our list of the most popular tour destinations in 2016. (Read Part 1)  Based on these top traveler destinations, we predict these trends will continue onto 2017.


Germany has become a major European traveler destination over the past decade. Travelers enjoy the savory and filing German food that is available on all throughout the country. Visit in December and shop at the dozens of magical Christmas markets that are full of German culture and holiday cheer. In the warm summers, there is plenty of castles and sightseeing to do out in the German countryside.

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Everything you hear about France is true. It’s glamorous, romantic and has the ability to captivate every traveler who is lucky enough to visit. Of course, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre are must-sees, but there is also a long list of other activities that France has to offer. Check out the gastronomy city of Leon, sip on some bubbly in Champagne, or soak up the sun in Marseilles.

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Good weather is a known characteristic of Spain, so it’s a perfect destination to spend doing outdoor activities. Whether you’re walking the cobblestone streets, enjoying a glass of Spanish red wine and tapas on the rooftop, or putting your feet in the white sand beaches, your make unique memories you’ll cherish forever. While in Spain, check out a flamenco show and experience beautiful costumers, musicians and dancers.

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Mountains, cathedrals, and amazing cheese and chocolate keep tourists coming back to Switzerland. The Swiss have truly embraced their melting pot culture. Gaze at the medieval architecture and Renaissance era statues. There’s nothing forgettable about this European top travel destination.

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The Alpine scenery in rural Austria makes for the perfect European travel destination. Aside from the mountains, Austria’s charming cities offer a wealth of culture rooted in centuries of history. Classical music is widespread and Salzburg has become known of the best musical events.

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There are so many culture-rich top travel destinations to discover this year. The most difficult part is deciding which country to choose! Looking forward to traveling in 2017? Let AffordableTours.com answer all your questions!