NEW: Trafalgar 2015/16 Autumn, Winter & Spring Vacations

Trafalgar Tours is one of our top partners in guided tours and vacations, a travel company that is well-regarded by and widely popular with our customers for their strong and wide range of guided tours.

Just Released: Worldwide Autumn, Winter, Spring Trips

The Trafalgar Difference

Trafalgar offers a wider range of vacation types and vacation destinations than any other guided tour operator, allowing you to choose exactly the vacation you want.  On a Trafalgar tour, you’ll be treated like a VIP, treated to exclusive access and services and staying at a range of fine, hand-picked hotels, often boutique or local ones.

Many companies claim they have special access and features you can’t find anywhere else; Trafalgar truly lives up to that claim, with a wide network of local connections with people like chefs, farmers, historians, and artisans.  Every one of their tours contains a chance for you to meet these people and have specialized, custom experiences that wouldn’t be possible on your own or with a less well-connected company.

2015/16 Autumn, Winter & Spring Brochure Highlights

Trafalgar has released a new 2015/2016 Autumn, Winter & Spring brochure detailing all of their off-season tours offerings. Book your trip by August 31, 2015 and you’ll save up to  12.5% Savings on these Newly Released Winter Vacations!

Among some of the highlights of Trafalgar’s new brochure:

  • Seasonal-themed tours, such as the “Winter in London” or “Winter in Paris” tours, or “Autumn Colors” in the United States;
  • Outdoor and environmental tours, like the Costa Rica Eco Adventure;
  • Tours rich in history, such as the “Splendors of Japan” tour, which includes a visit to Hiroshima;
  • Tropical vacations such as the “Hawaii Four Island Adventure.”

This is only a small sample of what Trafalgar has to offer-  the new catalog features 52 seasonal vacations, with new destinations including Japan, Vietnam and the USA! Early Payment Discount

Right now, is offering deals on a great number of Trafalgar vacations. Depending on which vacations you book and when, you could save up to 12.5%. This set of deals lasts through August 31, so you have some time, but small tours can fill up fast, so don’t wait too long.

You can learn more about our Trafalgar promotions by visiting our website or calling 1-800-935-2620. Our experienced travel partners are always on hand to guide you through the process of planning your next vacation.