Trafalgar Family Experiences

Many vacation packages and cruises are designed for individuals or couples. One or two adults have a lot more autonomy and freedom as to where to go and what to do on a vacation, not to mention what they’re physically capable of on something like an adventure tour.

Some of us are parents, though, and we have to plan our vacations around our children’s needs. We can’t necessarily leave our children behind when we want to vacation: We may not have anyone who’s able (or willing) to take care of them for that length of time; we may spend too much time worrying about them if they’re not with us; we may want to bring them along and build experiences and memories together.

Trafalgar Tours offers a line of vacations that can meet all our needs.

Trafalgar Family Experiences are a unique combination of the company’s resources for travel and understanding of their customer needs. The Family Experience vacations use the Trafalgar Insider connections that are exclusive to all of their vacations to find unique experiences that are family- and kid-friendly. You might hand-toss a homemade pizza together with your children in Italy. You might accompany them to Yellowstone as they earn their Junior Adventure Badges.

Trafalgar also knows that if you’re vacationing with your children, you don’t have time to worry about all the details of your trip or its expenses– you need to be able to enjoy yourself and keep your attention on your children. Trafalgar thus includes many of the details pre-planned in their Family Experience travel packages. In addition to the Insider Experiences, the Family Experience will have hotels provided, a Travel Director who is experienced and there to guide your tour and answer your questions, with local meals, sightseeing, and transportation all provided.

Here are just two of the most popular vacations Trafalgar Family Experiences sells:

  • Their best-seller is the 9-day Wild West, Cowboys, & Buffalos tour. This trip is a throwback to a time when America was expanding westward; you can visit the National Parks and famous monuments that are so emblematic of America, and it includes, among other¬† things, an overnight stay on a real, operational dude ranch.
  • The Gladiators, Gondolas, & Gold tour is nearly as popular. It’s an 11-day adventure that combines both Roman and Italian cultures. You’ll get to attend Gladiator School in Rome, enjoy a home-cooked meal at a local family’s villa in Tuscany, and visit Venice to paint masks in the style of their Carnival.

This just scratches the surface of what Trafalgar Family Experiences offers. Other tours include a visit through the Andes and the Incan culture, an adventure in Pennsylvania Dutch Country which includes an Amish family-style lunch and a visit to Hershey, and an 11-day African adventure where you can both take a viewing safari and visit the Amy Biehl Foundation, an institution of educational rights, to meet and connect with local children.

If you’ve got children and any of this sounds appealing, visit¬†for more details and for help booking your vacation.

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