Traveler Story: Alaska Travel Adventures

Thanks to our travelers for sending in this story and pictures from their Alaska travel adventures. Looks like they had a fun and eventful vacation!

My husband, Michael, and I expected to have a wonderful time exploring Alaska. We planned this trip for over a year and were antsy to get going. This particular tour offered the “Heli-hiking” optional excursion where travelers were treated to a helicopter ride, land on the mountainside, and hike for 3 hours with a naturalist guide. Exactly what we wanted! We got more than we ever expected!

The helicopter ride was smooth, but we noticed that a fine mist was following us. Gently we touched down and disembarked onto the uneven ground. We were truly on Mt. Denali! Our guide, Jeff, took us to the best places for dazzling views. We explored, took dozens of pictures, and followed the trail of caribou and Dall sheep.

Distracted, we didn’t notice the mist was now fog and was quietly rolling in. Until the walkie-talkie on Jeff’s belt squawked to life informing us that the helicopter couldn’t return. Jeff kept us occupied by hiking about the mountain, all the while searching for an area where the helicopter could land and retrieve us.

Michael and I decided instead of a problem, this was a bonus and enjoyed every minute of our extended time on the mountain. But just to be on the safe side, when Jeff ate wild blueberries, we ate wild blueberries.

Jeff was a bit surprised but relieved that we were so calm. He confessed that in twenty years, he’d never been stranded on the mountain with hikers before. We knew we were never lost, only detained with an amazing view.

After almost two extra hours on the mountain, the helicopter arrived. Upon hearing our tale, people ask us. “Would you do it again?”  Our quick response is always, “In a heartbeat!” We are planning our next trip and look forward to more unexpected Alaska travel adventures!

Thanks again to our travelers for submitting their travel story and pictures.

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[Updated 1/30/17]