Viking Cruises – Setting the Standard for River Cruising

Whether through Viking’s long-standing river cruises division or the more recently formed small-ship ocean cruising division, the Viking Cruises brand is synonymous with destination-focused, carefully crafted vacations that provide travelers with unique and varied experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at what Viking does that makes them special.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises opened in 1997, pioneering the river cruise market, so it’s no surprise that the company is also the largest river cruise operator in the world. Viking has over 60 ships that sail everywhere from the great rivers of Western Europe to Russia, China, Vietnam, Egypt, and more.

Viking rolls out new ships as part of their fleet nearly every year, and Viking’s experience in the field allows them to commission these ships to be uniquely suited to the rivers they will traverse. You can always be guaranteed a modern, memorable experience on a ship that can travel places others can’t, when you book a Viking River Cruise.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking officially brought the same level of quality and service to ocean cruising earlier this year, when the company christened its first ocean cruiser, the Viking Star, in May. Two other ships, the Viking Sea and Viking Sky, join the Star as part of the initial fleet of ocean cruise ships.

Viking’s ocean vessels are smaller than typical ocean cruisers, in order to allow the itineraries to travel through trickier waterways to make port in smaller, out of the way cities that a normal-sized ocean liner couldn’t. This is just another matter in which Vikings brings its eye for detail and commitment to a unique experience to its ocean line.

Huge Savings on Viking Cruises

If you are interested in Viking’s offerings either for river cruises or ocean cruises, don’t hesitate to visit or call 1-800-935-2620. Our travel professionals will be more than happy to help you find the vacation that’s right for you.