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Princess Cruises‘ slogan is “Come Back New”– it’s a representation of how a vacation with Princess can be a refreshing, reinvigorating break from day-to-day routine and a chance to re-experience the world with fresh eyes. One of Princess’ more popular destinations is Japan, and no wonder: It’s a country rich in history and culture but almost completely different from American culture. A trip to Japan is a chance to experience a new way of living and to leave your old attachments behind while you immerse yourself in the culture. Find out what kind of tour packages Princess offers to Japan and what those packages highlight.

The Onboard Experience

Princess Cruises does, of course, provide shore excursions in its Japanese Cruises, but at the same time, the vacation wouldn’t be very immersive if they didn’t bring Japan to you while you were on the ship. To that end, Princess provides a number of onboard offerings to bring the culture of Japan to you, such as:

  • A “Tea of the Day”, an opportunity for you to sample local teas and participate in a Japanese tea ceremony
  • Authentic cuisine, including a Japanese-style breakfast, an a la carte sushi bar, a Sake menu with tastings, and more. In addition, you can participate in a Kagami Wari ceremony, a traditional ceremony for the opening and tasting of a sake cask,  at the Captain’s Welcome Party.
  • Arts, crafts, and luxuries of Japan: You can watch a Rakugo show, a form of traditional Japanese storytelling; you can learn quilting or origami; and you can enjoy a luxurious Japanese bath.

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Princess wants your immersion in Japanese culture to be seamless, so all these amenities are provided on-board for you. Of course, this doesn’t preclude going to shore and engaging in plenty of off-board activities, as well.

Nature Sights

Like any land, Japan has a number of natural wonders and beautiful geological features. Here are a few examples of places you can visit in Japan:

  • The Japanese onsen hot springs in Kagoshima
  • The “Eight Hells of Beppu”, geological hot spots with their own hot springs
  • The Shomyo Falls of Toyama, the tallest waterfall in Japan

History and Culture

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore a number of important sites and cultural traditions both past and present. You might want to visit some of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  • Shurijo Castle in Okinawa
  • The Shirakami Mountains
  • The Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, located in 17 places within the modern-day Kyoto and the surrounding area

These are far from the only locations you’ll be able to see. Castles, pavilions, and gardens throughout Japan’s history can be visited on your vacation. In addition, you can participate in some Japanese festivals, such as the Hakata Dontaku Festival Parade, itself an education in Japanese culture and history.

Whatever you’re interested in, Japan has it, and Princess Cruises can get you there. “Come back new” with a vacation from with Princess Cruises.

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