Watch: Local Experiences With Trafalgar

Local Experiences With Trafalgar

Trafalgar ensures their guests connect with locals who are passionate about their culture and proud to share their unique knowledge and experiences with you. From staying in charming hotels to uncovering the destination’s best kept secrets, here are some ways Trafalgar makes sure their guests get an inside view of the culture. Watch the top local experiences with Trafalgar in Ireland and France.

Connect With Locals in Ireland | Wild Kitchen Food Foraging

Oonagh O’Dwyer has a lifetime passion for food foraging in County Clare, on Ireland’s captivating Wild Atlantic Way. She is a local food expert who leads wild food foraging tours, to help source food used in Ruben’s kitchen at Barrtra Seafood Restaurant.
Combining their passion for the local and fresh food, Barrtra Seafood Restaurant and Oonagh’s Wild Kitchen tours join together to let Trafalgar visitors set out on foraging expeditions, before returning to the restaurant to help cook up a delicious meal and dine on what they’ve prepared together. A crowd favorite is the Barrtra house-smoked salmon served with crushed new potatoes.
Learn why this duo loves showcasing their exclusive Be My Guest experience with Trafalgar guests.

Connect With Locals in Ireland | Wild Kitchen Food Foraging

Set on the banks of Loch Corrib, Irish estates don’t get much grander than Ashford Castle. One of Trafalgar’s Authentic Accommodation experiences, this stately dwelling sits on a huge 350-acre estate and was luxuriously restored to create a extravagant hotel fit for royalty. Dating to the 12th century, Ashford Castle has a rich history you can feel as you stroll through its elegant hallways and gorgeous surroundings.
Shane, one of the hotel staff, will take you on a journey of the incredible castle and immerse you in to the world of Ashford.

Hidden Gems | Paris, France

Join Trafalgar Travel Director, Jonathan as he takes you through the romantic streets of the city of love to experience Paris’ lesser-known spots. A proud local, Jonathan immerses his travelers in a side of Paris that is off the beaten path. He loves being able to tell people about the places and things he is most passionate about and bringing them there so they can experience it first-hand.
Trafalgar makes sure their guests not only see the special places around the world, but actually experience them. That is how you truly live The Good Life when you travel with Trafalgar.

Dive Into Culture in Paris | L’Aterlier De Chefs

Trafalgar connects you to fascinating cultural experiences that capture the soul and spirit of your destination. Jean-Baptiste teaches guests about the art of French cuisine at Paris’s L’atelier de Chefs school, which will give you a deeper appreciation of French culture.
Trafalgar guests will get hands on experiences to discover French cooking techniques and will be able to take home easy recipes they can make these delicious dishes on their own. What a great souvenir!

There’s no feeling in the world like connecting with new places, people and experiences through local experiences with Trafalgar. From the iconic to the unexpected, get those feel good moments through a series of Trafalgar highlights others may never know about, or even have access to.