What Is The Princess OceanMedallion?

Princess OceanMedallion

Princess Cruises has reinvented cruising with the new OceanMedallion. Designed to make your voyage at sea voyage truly majestic, the OceanMedallion is offered to every passenger to elevate their stay aboard Princess Cruises.

First featured in late 2017 on Regal Princess, OceanMeadallion has since expanded to three more ships. Princess Cruises is extending this complementary feature to Sky Princess in late 2019 and six more ships throughout 2020 with destinations all over the world.

The magic of this device starts before you board your ship. You can have your medallion shipped to your residence and with the Ocean Ready feature, you can register months before your ship departs, making boarding so much faster than before.

Princess OceanMedallion

For easy and private access to your stateroom account, you can check Ocean Concierge, it is individually set up for each passenger. The medallion replaces your keycard so it is essential to keep it with you at all times. Don’t worry, the Princess OceanMedallion can be stylishly worn as a pendant, a watch, in a clip, or kept in your pocket so that you can focus on the fun.

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Why cruise if you’re not going to enjoy a cocktail while tanning on the upper deck? Or maybe indulge in your favorite foods all day long? With the Ocean Now feature you can order drinks and food from your device and have it delivered to your location. You can also have orders delivered at a designated time to the destination you plan to be at.

Princess OceanMedallion

Entertainment is always aboard Princess Cruises. Ocean Navigate suggests activities along with directions on how to get there. By installing Play Ocean, kids will have fun all day with their own digital companion that guides them around the ship with location-based scavenger hunts and other interactive games. Adults can play their favorite casino games anywhere with Ocean Casino. Virtual casino games like bingo, slots, poker, and roulette with a chance to win big!

If luck isn’t on your side, you can always unwind by watching free travel shows on Ocean View. Get the inspiration you need to discover new locations while you arrive at your destination. Or perhaps the inspiration to try a new cocktail while you watch Good Spirits.

Princess OceanMedallion

The main goal of the Princess OceanMedallion is to personalize onboard service to each passenger. With this innovation in cruise vacations, Princess Cruises marks itself as the leader of one of the best cruising experiences for the whole family.