What Is The Transportation In Asia Like?

Transportation In Asia

Traveling like a local has its perks. Apart from giving your trip a more active experience, it fully immerses you into the country you are in and allows you to learn more about the culture from a different perspective. Here are the most popular forms of transportation in Asia.

Traditional Thai Long-Tail Boat

Transportation In Asia

Thai long-tail boats are a craft passed from generation to generation, and they are an essential part of your experience in Thailand. They are an easy form of transportation for both tourists and locals, but they are also used for cargo and traditionally fishing. Although all boats are built the same, the decoration and color of the boat is totally up to the builder, so each long-tail boat has a touch of personality. With such a classic and easy way of travel, what else is there to do but enjoy the ride and relax on the iconic white-sand beaches of Thailand?

Japan’s Bullet Train

Transportation In Asia

Initially meant to provide easy and quick transport from the outer regions of Japan to Tokyo, the bullet train is now a famous tourist attraction. As the fastest trains in the world, these trains reach 200 mph, and can get you to your destination in less than 2 hours. With so much travel time saved, you’ll have more than enough time for some spa time in Niigata, famous for its hot springs and resorts, and be blinded by the bright city lights of Tokyo’s fast paced nightlife in the same day.

Tuk-Tuk In Thailand

Transportation In Asia

Riding a tuk-tuk is the most daring form of transport in Thailand and probably the whole world. While tuk-tuks are not for the faint of heart, they are a great experience. The ride is like a quick mini tour around the crowded streets of Bangkok and you get involved in the local life all while you get to your destination. In general, tuk-tuks are not the most luxurious mode of transport but riding one is something that you will remember forever.

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Rickshaw In India

Transportation In Asia

The best way to move around India is by rickshaw. Similar to tuk tuks, this three wheeled vehicle will take you through the crowded streets and to your destination in a few adrenaline-filled minutes. Although it’s more likely you will see tourists riding a rickshaw, locals are just as likely to hop on one of these. Filled with trinkets, accompanied by interesting views along your journey, and high speeds there is never a dull moment when riding a rickshaw.

Overnight Trains In Thailand

Transportation In Asia

Nobody wants to spend twelve to fourteen hours on a train, but Thailand made this form of travel a more pleasant experience. There are different prices so make sure to look for your best option. When you get hungry you can buy from two to three options of food on the train, and they even have a vegetarian option. Once you’re full, you can head to your compartment where a train attendant brings fresh sheets and a pillow and makes the bed for you. Of course you could take a plane, but why miss out on Thailand’s spectacular hospitality?

Whenever and wherever you travel, public transportation in Asia gives you an insight of the local life and if you’re brave enough to give it a chance it’s a memorable experience not everybody has.