Where To Find The Best Wine And Chocolate In Europe For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is best time to celebrate the one you love. If you find yourself visiting Europe, you might wonder where to purchase that nice bottle of wine and box of chocolates to surprise your sweetie. Thankfully, you’re in the right place for that perfect wine and decadent chocolates. Here are several locations that will help you bring romance to your Valentine’s Day in Europe.

Drink Champagne In Champagne

Stay in the romantic city of Paris to see Notre-Dame Cathedral, relax at sidewalk cafes, and take in the views of the city from the Eiffel Tower. For wine, no other is more popular for celebrations than Champagne. To sample this popular bubbly, take a short train ride to either Reims or Epernay, which is in the Champagne region of France. If a wine is not from this area, it cannot properly be called “Champagne”. It must also be made from Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Meunier grapes. Book a tour of a wine cellar and at the end, sample the delicious results. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes!

Try Verona For More Wine

Another alternative for a good wine is Verona, Italy, the place of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Here the entire city celebrates Valentine’s Day with the Verona In Love Festival- a 4 day celebration with contests for the most romantic letter to Juliet, parades, live music, poetry, and many restaurants offering specialties for a romantic dinner. You can even visit Juliet’s House! Wine is intertwined with the culture here and it is surrounded by vineyards in Italy’s largest wine region. Wine tours are available if you book ahead of time and it’s easy to grab your wine of choice in any local shop or eatery. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet and smooth Recioto or a bubbly, locally-made Prosecco.

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Partake Of Chocolate In Brussels

No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate! Brussels produces some of the best chocolate in the world, and you can hardly walk down the street without coming into contact with another chocolate shop with over 2,000 of them in Belgium alone.

Made by hand, Belgian chocolate retains more of its flavor because it is cooled at the end of the production process. Godiva, first started in the city right on the central square, offers tours of the facility to explain Belgian chocolate history. Neuhaus is another famous chocolatier and the inventor of the praline- chocolate with a soft filling in the center. Any place you enter, you’re likely to find something delicious in this charming city.

Swiss Chocolate In Zurich

If you can brave the cold, head to Zurich for some delicious Swiss chocolate. If you and your sweetheart like skiing on the slopes, it’s a great place for a cozy room at a local ski resort. Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and its Swiss cheese fondue- a perfect pairing. For a true treat, head to Teuscher, a more than 80 year old chocolatier, that has over 100 different chocolate types. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day treat, have some of their most famous champagne truffles- cream, butter, and chocolate blended together with a champagne cream in the center and sprinkled with sugar.

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Wherever you celebrate Valentine’s Day in Europe, Champagne, Verona, Brussels, and Zurich are the best for Valentine’s Day celebrations and traditional treats of wine and chocolate. While you might find a good bottle of wine or a delicious chocolate shop anywhere, these are the places for the best of the best. You’ll be sure to surprise that special person in your life with the perfect combination of wine and chocolates.