Why Argentina Is Everybody’s Favorite Destination

Argentina is so diverse, it becomes a favorite vacation destination for anyone and everyone that travels to it. It has immense art and history, a love for food, exciting nightlife, and breathtaking nature.

If there is a city in Argentina everyone has heard about it is sure to be Buenos Aires. This port city is a favorite among travelers for its diversity, vibrant culture, and urban street art that gives it both an artsy and edgy feel. You can learn more than one hundred years of history at Casa Rosada Museum, or by walking around Recoleta Cemetery, where the tombs of notable people like Eva Peron, heroes, and presidents lie.

As the popes’ home country, you can visit the former church of Pope Francis. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Argentina dates back to the 17th century and the architecture and art inside and out is amazing.

Buenos Aires is full of history and rich in culture but the unique nightlife gives it a young and modern energy. If that’s not your thing then go to a local Milonga and learn how to elegantly dance a romantic tango. Whether you stay in the famous Villa Crespo, distinct Palermo, or the hidden gem of San Telmo you’ll see why Buenos Aires is a must-visit in Argentina. 

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Just like the variety in city life, there are so many different ways to explore the nature of Argentina. There are about twenty national parks in the country and more than twenty nature reserves. Witness the grandeur of glaciers and mountains at the Los Glaciares National Park in the Patagonia region. This UNESCO site is home to one of the most famous attractions in Argentina, the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Visit the picturesque wine region of Argentina, Mendoza, and tour the vineyards while you taste the best Argentinian Malbecs. With the Andes in the background, you can relax and bike around the famous wine region and visit the small towns and wineries, or take a hike around the Villavicencio Natural Reserve. And if you feel up to a challenge how about climbing up Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in both North and South America.

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Argentina is always a favorite destination among travelers, and rightly so. It is for those who love culture and art, for young hearts, for nature lovers, adventurers, foodies, and just about any type of traveler you can think about!