4 Reasons Why Intrepid Has The Best Tours For Foodies

Tours For Foodies

Intrepid’s food trips have been designed with one thing in mind – to help you experience the best local food on the planet. Each Food Adventure is filled with cultural exploration, historic highlights and plenty of grassroots travel. They’re just seasoned to perfection – food travel at its best!

Since you’re traveling with the experts at Intrepid, once you’ve devoured all the local food you can handle, they’ve made sure that during your Food Adventures, you won’t miss out on the iconic sights and authentic cultural experiences that are found on all Intrepid trips.

Here are our Intrepid’s best active adventure tours for foodies that travelers have to experience!

Greece Real Food Adventure

Tours For Foodies

There’s no denying that Greek food is delicious and Intrepid’s Greece Real Food hits some of the best places to eat in the entire country. Greece is home to a culinary culture that is thought to be more than 4,000 years old. Greek food is renowned for vibrant Mediterranean vegetables, liberal use of dill and mint and other herbs, succulent lamb and syrup-soaked sweets. From some of the freshest, locally caught seafood in the Mediterranean Sea, to the most delectable bread in every city, it’s impossible to go hungry in Greece!

Intrepid includes plenty of adventures to keep you active while on your food tour tour. One favorite is a bike ride to a local farm where you can enjoy a sample of fistikato or fistiki Aeginis glyko (specialty pistachio sweets of Aegina!) Tastes the classics like a typical Greek dessert, galaktoboureko, accompanied by a Greek coffee. Your eyes and stomach will thank you for the wonderful food and sights!

During your free time, check out the free cliff jumping in Hydra as well as climbing the 999 steps up to the top of the Palamidi in Nafplio.

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South Korea Real Food Adventure

Tours For Foodies

Korean cuisine has been on all foodies’ lips in recent years so South Korea is now more popular than ever! Korean BBQ is just the tip of the culinary iceberg. With a smorgasbord of sauces, garnishes and pickled side-dishes accompanying every meal, dining in Korea is all about crafting your meal to taste.

On your South Korea Real Food Adventure tour, learn how to make green onion pancakes, taste test all the spicy seafood breakfast soups, tuck into Buddhist fare on an overnight monastery stay and delve into the intricacies of the country’s signature dish bibimbap in Jeonju, arguably Korea’s foodie capital.

Food isn’t the only things you’ll be tasting in South Korea. Don’t pass up the opportunity to try Soju, Korea’s national alcoholic beverage. The craft beer scene in Seoul is exploding with popularity. Grab a local IPA, such as the Doljianchi, that are crafted with special yeasts that give off delicious peach highlights. If you’re looking for a truly unique flavor, take a few sips of a sour beer.

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Real Food Adventure Peru with Amazon Extension

Tours For Foodies

With the Peruvian coast providing an abundance of fresh seafood, the Andean highland supplying a variety of potatoes and the Amazon rain forest delivering delicious seasonal fruits, it’s no surprise that Peru is one of the world’s emerging foodie hotspots. Many tour operators will take you there, but, no one will connect you with the culture like Intrepid will.

Undoubtedly it is the geography of Peru that makes its culinary culture so distinct. On the Real Food Adventure in Peru tour, not only will you get to go see the famous sights of Machu Picchu, but you’ll also get to explore Lima’s excellent downtown street food scene. Savor a variety of bite-size treats, including ‘anticuchos’ (grilled beef hearts) and ‘papas’ (potatoes), ‘masamorra’ (purple corn), ‘arroz con leche’ (sweet rice with milk) and ‘picarones’ (Peruvian doughnuts).

You’ll also go on a guided exploration of the coffee farm and experience the production cycle from crop to cup. You’ll get to sip on some of the freshest Peruvian blends you’ll ever drink, that has a sweet, medium bodied taste. There’s no better place to sample these flavors than Peru!

This tour is perfect for active adventure travelers who love food and have a reasonable amount of athleticism and tolerance for altitude changes. (One of the highest points of the tour is 1.5 miles above sea level!)

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North & South India Real Food Adventure

Tours For Foodies

Spend two fabulous weeks discovering the sights, sounds and flavors on the North & South India Real Food Adventure tour. You’re going to see and do so much, like test your chef skills at multiple cooking classes and taste the best every city has to offer at food crawls. You will also get to visit beautiful historic sites like the City Palace in Udaipur and the Taj Mahal.

Parathas are one of the most popular unleavened flat breads in Punjabi North Indian cuisine. Taste a number of delicious variations stuffed with fillings including potatoes, cauliflower, radish and cottage cheese. When exploring, keep your eye out for the local chaiwala (tea maker), well known for his delicious milky brew. Still hungry? Grab a kulfi falooda ice cream-style dessert.

A highlight of the trip is a visit to the spice warehouses in the back alleys of Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest wholesale spice market. See the spice selling process from truck to table, and meet a spice seller to hear him talk about how he mixes the spices.

This unforgettable journey into the cultural and gastronomic heart of India will satisfy every appetite.

Pro-tip: You will also be going to some temples, and you will be required to wear clothes that cover the arms and knees.

Intrepid will make sure your plate is stuffed to the brim, whether it’s browsing markets for fresh produce, sizzling up a storm in a cooking class or meeting a local street-food legend.

Please tell your Affordable Tours travel agent if you have any if you have any dietary requirements or food allergies. Your agent will need to know this information at time of booking. To see even more Food Adventure destination, check out a complete list here!