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Finally, The Perfect Vacation Is Here

Finally, The Perfect Vacation Is Here

Introducing Two New Vacation Styles That Are Going To Be "HUUUUUUGE" is the largest name in the touring, cruising, and river cruising industry. This year, we launched our resorts department to incredible demand. Now, we are excited to show you 2 brand new travel styles we are pioneering. We think these travel styles will be a hit because, quite frankly, there is nothing else like it. Request a free quote online or call us at 1-800-935-2620 for immediate help with your travel plans!


Package 1:


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Package Includes:

- TV Marathon “Binge Watching”
(TV & Service not included)

- Personalized Amenities & Facilities
(Groceries not included)

- Unlimited Use Of Wifi
(Internet service & tech support not included)

- Anytime Dining
(Meals not prepared for you)

- Private Transportation (self-drive)
(Vehicle not included)

- Add-on Guests Are FREE
(Availability limited to home size)

Reserve your seat on your sofa today!

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Terms and Conditions: Most travelers will be required to call in sick to work or use personal time off. TV is not included for your binge watching needs. Food and groceries are not included. Meals are not prepared for you. Internet service is not provided for wifi. No tech support available if you can't connect to your wifi. Vehicle is not included for transportation. Free guest spaces are limited to the size of your home. Shower and hygiene is not required but recommended.

Package 2:


Popular 2016 Tour Deals

Package Includes:

- 8 Hour Nap Time
(Hiding spot not included)

-Unlimited Facebook Browsing
(Unlimited until your boss gets mad)

- Online Shopping
(Credit card not included)

- Funny Cat Videos
(Must love cats)

- Extended Executive Lunch “Hour”
(Be just like your boss!)

- For Solo Travelers Only
(No single supplement fee!)

Don't waste another sick day!

Best Work Day Ever!

Terms and Conditions: Hiding spot is not included for nap time. Unlimited Facebook browsing time is unlimited until your boss finds out. Credit card is not included for your online shopping. We are not responsible for your boss' actions while you are on a workcation package. First time bookers should purchase insurance in the form of updating your resume.

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