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Baltic Cruises 2022/2023

Save up to 75% on Baltic Cruises 2022/2023

Baltic Travel Guide

If you're looking for an escape into Northern Europe, then Baltic Cruises are for you! Travel through countries including Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Each country is so different and has its own amazing sights, so you really can't go wrong by booking one of these cruises that are perfect for all ages. With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Baltic cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Baltic Travel Guide


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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
117 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Viking StarBalticStockholmCopenhagen10 NightsBornholm (ronne) | Copenhagen | Gotland (visby) | Scenic Cruising: Stockholm Archipelago | St. Petersburg | Stockholm | Tallinn$5,299 
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePonantLe ChamplainBalticCopenhagenStockholm7 NightsCopenhagen | Helsinki | Saint Petersburg | Stockholm | Tallinn$4,940
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
10 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Celebrity ApexEastern RussiaAmsterdamAmsterdam12 NightsAmsterdam - Netherlands | Helsinki - Finland | Oslo - Norway | St. Petersburg - Russia | Stockholm - Sweden | Tallinn - Estonia | Visby - Sweden$1,979
Up To $250 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
55 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Norwegian GetawayEurope - NorthernCopenhagenCopenhagen9 NightsCopenhagen, Denmark | Helsinki, Finland | St. Petersburg, Russian Federation | Stockholm, Sweden | Tallinn, Estonia | Warnemunde (berlin), Germany
From: $2,579
You Save: $2,000
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom Up To ($300)
77%Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom Up To ($300)

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18 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessSky PrincessEuropeSouthamptonSouthampton7 NightsCopenhagen, Denmark | Kristiansund, Norway | Oslo, Norway | Skagen, Denmark | Southampton, England$1,246
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
2 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
WindstarStar LegendBalticAmsterdamStornoway15 NightsAlesund | Amsterdam | Bergen | Copenhagen | Flam | Geiranger | Geirangerfjord | Helsinki | Mariehamn | Sognefjord | St. Petersburg | Stavanger | Stockholm | Tallinn$3,999
Shipboard Credit Per Person ($100)
Shipboard Credit Per Person ($100)
55 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanVoyager of the SeasEastern RussiaCopenhagenCopenhagen7 NightsCopenhagen - Denmark | Helsinki - Finland | St. Petersburg - Russia | Stockholm - Sweden | Tallinn - Estonia$491
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
37 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Holland AmericaNieuw StatendamBalticBarcelonaCopenhagen24 NightsCherbourg, France | Copenhagen, Denmark | Helsinki, Finland | Kiel, Germany | Lisbon, Portugal | Portland-Dorset, England | St. Petersburg, Russia Fed. | Stockholm, Sweden | Tallinn, Estonia | Vigo, Spain | Warnemunde, Germany$2,089
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
14 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC PreziosaEurope - NorthernKielKiel14 NightsAlesund, Norway | Bergen, Norway | Helsinki, Finland | Kiel,Germany | Maloy, Norway | Stavanger (Lysefijord) | Stockholm, Sweden | Tallinn, Estonia | Visby, Sweden$1,199
Up To $200 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageSilverseaSilver MoonBalticReykjavikReykjavik10 NightsAkureyri, Iceland | Djupivogur, Iceland | Heimaey, Iceland | Husavik, Iceland | Reykjavik, Iceland | Seydisfjordur, Iceland$9,000
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
117 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Celebrity SilhouetteEuropeSouthamptonSouthampton12 NightsCopenhagen - Denmark | Southampton - England | St. Petersburg - Russia | Stockholm - Sweden | Tallinn - Estonia | Visby - Sweden$2,161
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
9 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
SilverseaSilver WhisperBalticHamburgLondon14 NightsBelfast, Northern Ireland | Dublin, Ireland | Falmouth, England | Hamburg, Germany | Kirkwall, Scotland | Leith, Scotland | Lerwick, Scotland | Liverpool, England | London, England | Stornoway, United Kingdom$9,900
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
34 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Viking JupiterBalticStockholmCopenhagen10 NightsBornholm (ronne) | Copenhagen | Gotland (visby) | Scenic Cruising: Stockholm Archipelago | St. Petersburg | Stockholm | Tallinn$5,599 
2 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
RegentSeven Seas SplendorBalticSouthamptonStockholm12 NightsCopenhagen | Gdansk (Gdynia) | Helsinki | Klaipeda | Kotka | Kristiansand | London (Southampton) | Stockholm | Tallinn
From: $29,798
You Save: $18,099
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
117 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Viking StarBalticCopenhagenStockholm10 NightsBornholm (ronne) | Copenhagen | Gotland (visby) | Scenic Cruising: Stockholm Archipelago | St. Petersburg | Stockholm | Tallinn$5,399 
1 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC GrandiosaEuropeKielKiel7 NightsAlesund, Norway | Copenhagen, Denmark | Flaam, Norway | Hellesylt-Geiranger, Norway | Kiel,Germany$738
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
41 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC PoesiaEuropeCopenhagenCopenhagen7 NightsBergen, Norway | Copenhagen, Denmark | Eidfjord, Norway | Kristiansand, Norway | Oslo, Norway | Warnemunde,Germany$568
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
55 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Norwegian GetawayEurope - NorthernCopenhagenCopenhagen9 NightsCopenhagen, Denmark | Helsinki, Finland | St. Petersburg, Russian Federation | Stockholm, Sweden | Tallinn, Estonia | Warnemunde (berlin), Germany
From: $2,159
You Save: $1,270
Up To $100 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
84 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
OceaniaMarinaEuropeSouthamptonCopenhagen12 NightsCopenhagen | Gdansk | Helsinki | Karlskrona | Kiel | London (southampton) | Skagen | St. Petersburg | Stockholm | Tallinn | Visby
From: $14,098
You Save: $10,599
Prepaid Gratuities;bottle Of Wine Tasting
75%Prepaid Gratuities;bottle Of Wine Tasting
55 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanVoyager of the SeasEastern RussiaCopenhagenCopenhagen10 NightsCopenhagen - Denmark | Helsinki - Finland | Riga - Latvia | St. Petersburg - Russia | Stockholm - Sweden | Tallinn - Estonia | Visby - Sweden$702
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)

Baltic Travel Guide

Baltic Cruises Highlights

  • Explore the beautiful Peterhof Palace in Russia.
  • Walk along Nyhavn and see unique architecture.
  • Get amazing views from the Tallinn TV Tower. 
  • Learn at the Anne Frank House.
  • Explore the Tallinn Town Hall. 
  • Marvel at the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki.
  • Have fun at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
  • Stroll through Vondelpark in Amsterdam.
  • Entertain yourself at the ABBA Museum.
  • See the view from the Stegastein Viewpoint in Norway.
  • Explore the Viking Museum in Aarhus.
  • Visit the fairytale castle at Trakai Island Castle. 

Baltic Cruises Travel Tips

  • Try to get to any of the most popular tourist sites right when they open, or as soon as you get off the cruise ship when it's docked. This will save you tons of time because you won't be waiting in line like you would be later in the day. You won't regret ticking these off your list early!
  • Make sure you visit some museums in this area because they provide an excellent in-depth look into what the Baltics is genuinely all about. It may even be worth it to hop on a local walking tour for free if you have the time so that you can get more introduced to it.
  • Bring sunscreen, even though you might not think that you'd need it. You can still easily get burnt when it's cloudy out.
  • Be sure to check the weather for the time of year that you visit. Keep in mind that the winter seasons here can be frigid, so you'll want to dress appropriately. There's nothing worse than visiting a place and not being dressed for the weather!
  • Consider purchasing city passes for the bigger cities that your cruise stops at. This can save you money overall on attractions and sometimes even includes free transportation. The more places you visit with your city pass, the more worth it the price is.

Baltic Cruises Things To Do

  • Explore Peterhof Palace
    Explore Peterhof Palace

    Peterhof Palace is a famous museum located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It first opened in 1723 and is built in the classical architectural style. The building itself is utterly magnificent, featuring gold elements and even many fountains and gold statues around its exterior that you won't want to miss. The palace itself is built in response to France's famous Palace of Versailles. Many of the elements used throughout it even might remind you of Versailles if you've been there before! While the palace was initially built for Peter the Great in honor of him winning against a battle with Sweden, it has since turned into a popular museum filled with art, exhibits, and other historical artifacts.

    You Should Know

    The museum is a lot bigger than you might initially think. Be sure to take the time to grab a map when you first enter to save yourself time when exploring!  
  • Walk along Nyhavn
    Walk along Nyhavn

    Nyhavn is arguably the most photographed place in all of Copenhagen, maybe even all of Denmark. This is for good reason because it's a waterfront area filled with colorful residences that look amazing in any photo. The buildings themselves are from the 17th and 18th centuries and still look just as beautiful today as they did back then. While the area only stretches on for about 1,500 feet, it's still worth visiting. The famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen, even lived here for a time! Be on the lookout for his house.

    You Should Know

    One of the best ways to explore this area is to hop on one of the river cruises, which are relatively affordable and short. They're great for all ages!  
  • See the view from the Tallinn TV Tower
    See the view from the Tallinn TV Tower

    The Tallinn TV Tower is a top tourist attraction located in Tallinn, Estonia. It stands at approximately 1,030 feet tall and therefore provides a fantastic view of the city from above that you can't get elsewhere in the area! This is a great way to get a glance at just how beautiful the city is. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the best for travelers who don't like heights. The structure was first built in the late 20th century and has two different elevators that you can take to get to the top viewing deck.

    You Should Know

    This is the tallest building in all of Estonia and the most elevated viewing platform in Northern Europe.  
  • Learn at the Anne Frank House
    Learn at the Anne Frank House

    The Anne Frank House is a must-visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a museum wholly dedicated to Anne Frank, who penned the famous diary that many people read every year. The building is located right near the river and was founded in the mid-20th century. Keep in mind that visiting a museum such as this one can be quite heavy because of how saddening this part of history was. This is where Anne Frank's family hid out during World War II from the Nazis.

    Best Time To Visit

    This attraction is known for having an extremely long line just to get in. You'll want to visit as early as possible or even have your tickets booked ahead of time. Otherwise, you risk not being able to go inside at all.
  • Explore Tallinn Town Hall
    Explore Tallinn Town Hall

    Tallinn Town Hall is the city's town hall located right on Town Hall Square. It's a gorgeous 15th-century building that is built in the Gothic style of architecture. While it may look a little unassuming during the day, stop by at night to see the beautiful lights on the building's side all lit up, which accentuates the building's architecture. What makes Tallinn Town Hall, so exciting and unique is Northern Europe's oldest town hall. It's also the only one that is built in this style of architecture. While the building that stands today is from the 15th century, there has been a town hall here since the 13th century, according to historians.

    You Should Know

    Tours are available in the town hall, which is a great way to visit and explore it!
  • Marvel at the Sibelius Monument
    Marvel at the Sibelius Monument

    The Sibelius Monument is an incredibly unique and exciting outdoor monument and art piece located in Helsinki, Finland, in the middle of a beautiful park. It's dedicated to Jean Sibelius, who was a popular composer from Finland. The monument was built by an architect named Eila Hiltunen in 1767. It is a bit abstract, but that's what makes it so beautiful. It's genuinely a fantastic monument to photograph no matter what angle you look at it from. When you visit, take the time to walk around the gorgeous Sibelius Park, a vast green space in the city right near the water.

    You Should Know

    The Sibelius Monument is one of Helsinki's most important monuments because he was such a beloved violinist.
  • Have a blast at Tivoli Gardens
    Have a blast at Tivoli Gardens

    If you are looking to spend a day out having fun with your family or partner, there is no better place to do it than at Tivoli Gardens. This is a 19th-century amusement park located right in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. You honestly couldn't miss it if you tried because you'd hear the shrieks and screams of people having fun on the rides! The amusement park covers approximately 20 acres of land. What makes Tivoli Gardens so amazing and unique is that it's one of the oldest amusement parks globally that is still operating. The only more senior amusement park still operating is also located in Denmark!

    You Should Know

    Try to book tickets ahead of time and consider purchasing a ticket that allows you to skip lines to make the most out of your time here!  
  • Stroll through Vondelpark
    Stroll through Vondelpark

    Vondelpark is a gorgeous 120-acre park located right in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It's truly an escape from the city and has tons of fun walking trails, green spaces, lakes, and more. If you want to escape city life, this is the place to go! There are many unique places to explore in Vondelpark, with the Alchemist Garden being one of the most popular spots. Nearby, other fun places to visit include De Pizza Bakkers, Rijksmuseum, and the Babassu Store & Spa if you want a relaxing afternoon. 

    You Should Know

    Consider renting a bike to ride along Vondelpark or grab a picnic to eat here for a fun time.
  • Visit Trakai Island Castle
    Visit Trakai Island Castle

    Trakai Island Castle is a museum located in Trakai, Lithuania. It's located right on Lake Galve and is surrounded by beautiful blue waters. The main (or at least, most fun) way to get to the island is by boat. This provides an excellent sight-seeing experience! The castle started construction in the 14th century but wasn't finished until 1430. Some renovations occurred after the primary owner, unfortunately, passed away, and his son took over construction. Don't forget your camera when you come because you'll want to take pictures of almost everything here. The museum itself looks like a fairytale castle!

    You Should Know

    Book your tickets at least 24 hours in advance to visit Trakai Island Castle.
  • Learn history at the Viking Museum
    Learn history at the Viking Museum

    The Viking Museum, also referred to by some as the Viking Ship Museum, is located in Oslo, Norway. It's owned by the University of Oslo and is one of the best places to go in the whole city if you're looking to learn more about the country's history with Vikings. Inside, the most critical piece that the museum holds is the three Viking burial ships. Yes, they are ships dating back a few hundred years and aren't remakes! The three must-visit ships include Tune, Oseberg, and Gokstad. There are also other artifacts throughout that will only enrich your museum experience.

    You Should Know

    While the museum isn't huge, you'll still want to block off around 3 hours to explore it.

Baltic Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

The most popular time of year to visit the Baltics is in the summer because the winter brings such chilly weather. However, it's a fantastic place to experience and explore on a cruise no matter what time of year you visit.

  • Spring and Fall - September to November and March to May - Shoulder Season

    The shoulder season in this part of the world comprises both the spring and the fall seasons. The spring has average temperatures of around 50°F while the fall sees averages closer to 58°F. Of course, this depends on where in the Baltics your cruise stops at, so it can vary!

  • Summer - June to August - High Season

    The summer is the most popular time of year to visit the Baltics because the weather is so great. The average temperature around this time is 70°F. However, there will be longer wait times at popular attractions, and you might even find that some attractions you wanted to visit are booked out very far in advance.

  • Winter - December to February - Low Season

    The least amount of people visit in the winter due to how cold the temperature can get in the Baltics during this time! The average high temperature around this time is usually about 35°F. However, if you dress warm, this can truly be one of the most beautiful times to visit because of the snow and holiday markets.

Baltic Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Baltic Cruises?

    Baltic cruises are the perfect way to explore new countries if you like not having any worries. All of your destinations are planned out for you, but you still have the freedom to visit where you want each time the ship is docked. They are also perfect for all ages and interests.

  • What’s included on a Baltic Cruise?

    Baltic cruises include accommodation and dining. In your specific room, you'll have a private bathroom along with other amenities, like a hairdryer, telephone, and television. Also, there's 24/7 reception available as well if you have any late-night needs that you need help with.

  • What’s the best Baltic Cruises?

    Each cruise is incredibly different, so it's hard to say if there is one Baltic cruise better than another. It depends more on your personal needs, so you'll want to find the cruise that is best for you! Think about your budget, desired vacation length, and possible destinations you'd like to stop at.

  • How much do Baltic Cruises cost?

    Baltic cruises vary in price because of differing cruise lengths, stops, and cruise lines. Some will cost around $100 a day while others will cost more than that, so that's why research is critical. Rest assured that booking through Affordable Tours is a great way to book because you can save up to 75% on Baltic cruises.

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