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Central America Cruises 2024/2025

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Central America Travel Guide

Central America, a slender thread of nations linking two mighty continents, is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences waiting to be unveiled on your next cruise. Imagine the fusion of pristine beaches, ancient civilizations, and lush rainforests, all within reach from the deck of your cruise ship. Whether it's uncovering the mysteries of Mayan ruins, basking under the sun on a Costa Rican beach, or navigating through the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal, a Central American cruise offers an eclectic mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Ready for a journey peppered with spicy salsa rhythms and serene seas? Welcome aboard! With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Central America cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

Central America Travel Guide


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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
110 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Celebrity ReflectionCaribbean - WesternFt. LauderdaleFt. Lauderdale5 NightsCozumel - Mexico | Fort Lauderdale - Florida$629
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
11 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC SeashoreBahamasPort CanaveralPort Canaveral7 NightsCozumel, Mexico | George Town, Cayman Islands | Montego Bay, Jamaica | Nassau,Bahamas | Port Canaveral (Orlando)$3,169
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
26 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC MagnificaCaribbeanMiamiMiami11 NightsBelize City, Belize | Costa Maya, Mexico | Cozumel, Mexico | Freeport,Bahamas | Isla de Roatan, Honduras | Miami, Florida | Nassau,Bahamas$1,079
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
17 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Celebrity BeyondCaribbean - WesternFt. LauderdaleFt. Lauderdale5 NightsCozumel - Mexico | Fort Lauderdale - Florida$949
Up To $50 Onboard Credit

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68 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanVoyager of the SeasCaribbean - WesternGalvestonGalveston6 NightsCosta Maya, Mexico | Cozumel, Mexico | Galveston, Texas | Roatan, Honduras$1,243
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
139 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessIsland PrincessCaribbean - WesternFt. LauderdaleLos Angeles (San Pedro)14 NightsCartagena, Colombia | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida | Huatulco, Mexico | Los Angeles (San Pedro) | Panama Canal | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Puntarenas, Costa Rica | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua$916
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($60)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($60)
26 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
MSC MagnificaCaribbeanMiamiMiami7 NightsBelize City, Belize | Costa Maya, Mexico | Cozumel, Mexico | Isla de Roatan, Honduras | Miami, Florida$619
Up To $75 Onboard Credit
117 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanMariner of the SeasCaribbean - WesternPort CanaveralPort Canaveral5 NightsCosta Maya, Mexico | Cozumel, Mexico | Port Canaveral, Florida$858
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
1 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanIcon of the SeasCaribbean - WesternMiamiMiami7 NightsCozumel - Mexico | Miami - Florida | Perfect Day Cococay - Bahamas | Puerto Costa Maya - Mexico | Roatan - Honduras$3,509
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
43 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Celebrity ApexMexicoFt. LauderdaleFt. Lauderdale5 NightsCozumel - Mexico | Fort Lauderdale - Florida | Key West - Florida$599
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
145 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanEnchantment of the SeasCaribbean - WesternTampaTampa7 NightsBelize City - Belize | Cozumel - Mexico | Puerto Costa Maya - Mexico | Roatan - Honduras | Tampa - Florida$2,704
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
21 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessEnchanted PrincessCaribbean - WesternFt. LauderdaleFt. Lauderdale7 NightsBelize City, Belize | Cozumel, Mexico | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida | Majahual, Mexico | Roatan, Honduras
From: $9,999,999
You Save: $9,999,310
$50 Onboard Credit
$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
120 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanNavigator of the SeasUSALos Angeles (San Pedro)Los Angeles (San Pedro)4 NightsCatalina Island, California | Ensenada, Mexico | Los Angeles (San Pedro)$483
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
Shipboard Credit Per Stateroom ($50)
152 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanAllure of the SeasCaribbean - WesternPort CanaveralPort Canaveral4 NightsCozumel - Mexico | Orlando (port Canaveral) - Fl$553
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
6 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Carnival RadianceMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)Los Angeles (Long Beach)4 NightsCatalina Island, California | Ensenada, Mexico | Los Angeles (Long Beach)$256
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
96 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Norwegian JadeCaribbean - WesternPort CanaveralPort Canaveral5 NightsCozumel, Mexico | Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas | Orlando-beaches-port Canaveral, FL$719
Shipboard credit per stateroom Up to ($100)
Shipboard credit per stateroom Up to ($100)
6 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Carnival RadianceMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)Los Angeles (Long Beach)3 NightsEnsenada, Mexico | Los Angeles (Long Beach)$246
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
62 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Disney FantasyCaribbean - WesternPort CanaveralPort Canaveral7 Nights Castaway Cay, Bahamas | Cozumel, Mexico | Falmouth, Jamaica | Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands | Port Canaveral, FL $1,701
Up To $200 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
118 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanGrandeur of the SeasCaribbean - WesternTampaTampa5 NightsCozumel - Mexico | George Town - Grand Cayman | Tampa - Florida$644
Up To $50 Onboard Credit
78 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
Royal CaribbeanIndependence of the SeasCaribbean - WesternMiamiMiami5 NightsCozumel - Mexico | Miami - Florida | Perfect Day Cococay - Bahamas$1,180
Up To $50 Onboard Credit

Central America Travel Guide

Central America Cruises Highlights

  • Belize Barrier Reef: Off the coast of Belize, this is the second-largest reef system in the world. It's an underwater marvel, offering some of the best diving and snorkeling spots brimming with vibrant marine life, clear waters, and beautiful coral formations.   Nestled on the Caribbean side, Puerto Limón is a launchpad to Costa Rica's exotic splendors. Minutes from the port, you can wander through colorful markets filled with local crafts. The nearby Veragua Rainforest Park offers aerial trams and canopy tours for nature lovers, showcasing the country's biodiversity.
  • Roatán, Honduras:   Roatán, a sun-soaked paradise, is renowned for its aquatic attractions. Steps from your ship, access some of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the Caribbean. The port itself is bustling with shops and eateries, perfect for grabbing a quick bite before exploring the island's sandy beaches.
  • Belize City, Belize: History whispers through the streets of Belize City, where you can explore ancient Mayan sites and British colonial architecture. The port acts as a hub for river tours or jaunts to the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest in the world.
  • Colon, Panama: The port city of Colon, near the Caribbean entrance to the iconic Panama Canal, is more than a transit point. Explore the Gatun Locks or take a day trip to Panama City, a striking blend of modernity and history.
  • Tikal, Guatemala: Imagine exploring one of the ancient Maya civilization's largest archaeological sites and urban centers. Nestled in Guatemala's rainforest, Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famed for its towering pyramids, temples, and palaces. The mystical ambiance and historical grandeur are nothing short of captivating.
  • Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica: A picture-perfect stratovolcano located in the lush Costa Rican rainforest. While it's known for its imposing beauty, the surrounding area is a playground for adventure with hot springs, waterfalls, and hiking trails. It's a natural wonder that combines scenic beauty with endless activities.
  • Copán Ruins, Honduras: Step back in time with a visit to this ancient city, another remarkable remnant of the Maya civilization. Beyond the impressive hieroglyphic stairway and detailed stone carvings, Copán is surrounded by a vibrant, bird-rich landscape, making it a paradise for history buffs and nature lovers alike.
  • Granada, Nicaragua: This colonial city, one of the oldest in Central America, is a treasure trove of Spanish history and architecture. Stroll the cobblestone streets, visit the brightly colored churches, and enjoy the backdrop of Mombacho Volcano. Don't miss the Islets of Granada, an archipelago of tiny islands famed for their beauty.
  • Belize Barrier Reef: Off the coast of Belize, this is the second-largest reef system in the world. It's an underwater marvel, offering some of the best diving and snorkeling spots brimming with vibrant marine life, clear waters, and beautiful coral formations.

Central America Cruises Travel Tips

  • Exercise vigilance and take safety precautions like you would in any city.
  • Keep your valuables safe, don't stay out alone at night, and take a safe transport mode.
  • Avoid excursions that are not suitable for your physical and health condition — for instance, don't take long hikes if you have a heart diagnosis.
  • Take along a phone with GPS tracking devices to know your location and where you are heading.
  • In case of emergencies, have emergency contacts on your phone and have it written down too.
  • Dress modestly and keep flashy accessories to a minimum.
  • Stick to the tourist areas, especially at night, and consider a money belt or a secure travel bag to keep your essentials safe.
  • Understanding local customs and basic phrases in Spanish, the predominant language, can make your interactions more enjoyable. A simple "Hola" (hello), "Gracias" (thank you), and "Adiós" (goodbye) can go a long way.
  • Ttropical means warm, humid weather, but also unexpected rain showers. Lightweight clothing, a rain jacket, comfortable walking shoes, and, of course, your swimsuit are musts. Remember your eco-friendly sunscreen and insect repellent, which is especially important due to the local climate. Since you're cruising, include a nice outfit or two for those special evenings on board.
  • While US dollars are widely accepted, having some local currency for smaller purchases in remote areas can be handy. And don't forget a power adapter suitable for the region (usually Type A or B plugs) to keep your gadgets charged and ready to capture every unforgettable moment if you need to charge them while off the boat.

Central America Cruises Things To Do

  • The Panama Canal (Panama)
    The Panama Canal (Panama)

    Situated in-between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, the Panama Canal plays a vital role in the country's economy. Take a trip to the locks, cross the canal, and behold the beauty of this construction site. The Panama Canal was arguably the most complex engineering feat in the 20th century.

    Best Time To Visit

    Take a visit to the Panama Canal between November to April. However, the best time for this attraction depends on how you plan to spend your time.


    You Should Know

    It's a seafarer's shortcut: ships traveling between New York and San Francisco can cut short their journey by 7,872 miles. It is a safe route for ships as they avoid sailing into the dangerous waters of Cape Horn in South America. It features a legendary and impressive lock system with the lock and dam constructed with 4.5 million cubic yards of concrete. Lots of lives were lost while constructing the canal. Over 5000 on-site workers died between 1904-1913, while 20,000 workers died while the french were trying to build it during the 19th century. It was officially handed over to the control of Panama in 1999.
  • The Bahía Marine National Park (Cortez Sea - Mexico)
    The Bahía Marine National Park (Cortez Sea - Mexico)

    This marine park was created in 1996 in the middle of the Cortez sea. You will get to see various fascinating landscapes such as mangroves, rocky shores, and cliffs. You will also see Montserrat Island, with its white sandy beaches, bright green colored waters, and Punta Agua Verde rock formation in this marine park. 

    Best Time To Visit

    Between August to October remains the best time for the Bahía Marine National Park. It is the driest time, which makes it an ideal time to visit.


    You Should Know

    The Cortez sea has some of the highest biodiversity on the planet. It serves as home to over 5,000 macro-invertebrate species. Bird lovers will enjoy this beautiful scenery as it is a bird watcher's paradise. It is a vital area for bird breeding, migration, and refuge.
  • Chichén Itzá and the cenotes of Yucatán (Mexico)
    Chichén Itzá and the cenotes of Yucatán (Mexico)

    This site is touted as the world's most famous and preserved Mayan site. You will get to see the sacred cenote, pyramid-shaped Castillo, observatory, and temples. All these with other amazing sites make the Chichén Itzá and the cenotes of Yucatán a fantastic place to visit.

    Best Time To Visit

    Considering the weather and how it will favor your trip, you may consider between November to March as the best months to go.


    You Should Know

    It has a depth of 30 meters diameter of 65 meters and was once used in human sacrifice ceremonies. Chichen Itza comes from two other Latin American "wonders" (Machu Picchu and Cristo Redentor) as a very highly rated wonder site. It features a naturally occurring phenomenon known as "cenotes," which means freshwater sinkholes.
  • The Blue Hole (Belize)
    The Blue Hole (Belize)

    The Blue Hole is a site you need to add to your Central America Ocean Cruise itinerary. It is located in Belize and with a massive 300 meters diameter and 124 meters depth. One of the highly sought-out diving spots in Central America.

    Best Time To Visit

    January to May is the ideal time to pay a visit to The Blue Hole. The reason for this choice of month is because of the impending rain in other months.


    You Should Know

    It is a massive underwater sinkhole situated off the Belize coast and lies close to the center of Lighthouse Reef. The Blue Hole consists of giant stalactites, columns, and dripstone sheets, which were believed to be formed during glacial periods. The Blue Hole Monument is ranked among the seven wonders of Belize's World Heritage site. According to The Discovery Channel, The Blue Hole is listed among the 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park (Costa Rica)
    Manuel Antonio National Park (Costa Rica)

    Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Pacific coast, closer to the ocean. Its length spans over 700 hectares of primary and secondary forest. In this park, you will enjoy lovely scenes of animals living and moving about in tranquility. 

    Best Time To Visit

    December to March are the best months to visit the Manuel Antonio National Park; this is the dry season. The month of September is the wettest season and should be avoided at all costs.


    You Should Know

    Come along with your food and water as you won't get such a service in the park. This park is close to the equator, so the sun is strong. It will be best to put on light-colored clothing. The park also has a beachside, so you can prepare for the beach while you visit.
  • Pura Vida Gardens (Costa Rica)
    Pura Vida Gardens (Costa Rica)

    The Pura Vida Gardens is dubbed as the most beautiful in Central America by the Tropical Sierra Foundation. A visit to this garden will expose you to a lot of Costa Rica's flora and fauna. From there, you can stroll to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

    Best Time To Visit

    You can visit this attraction every day of the week from 8 am to 5 pm. Also, your schedule determines your month of a visit while targeting the dryer season of the year.


    You Should Know

    The botanical garden consists of thousands of flowers and several orchid varieties, both domestic and foreign, and has the tallest waterfall in South America. The waterfall is about 600 ft, which is an amazing site to view. It has a spectacular sunset.
  • Tazumal (El Salvador)
    Tazumal (El Salvador)

    El Salvador is renowned as a destination full of secrets, and true to this claim, you will soon find out when you visit. The Tazumal archaeological site has 5000 BC ruins in its site, which tells the story of Maya civilization.

    Best Time To Visit

    There is no right time to visit this attraction; it's solely based on your trip schedule. But we do advise you don't choose the heavy rainy season.


    You Should Know

    Formally, Tazumal was researched in 1940 by Stanley Boggs (archaeologist), where he identified 13 structures. This is an exciting site for archeology lovers as it tells a lot about pre-Hispanic cultures.
  • Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa's (Honduras)
    Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa's (Honduras)

    This tourist site was constructed between 1752 and 1775 to act as a guard for the Honduran coast to protect the shipment of silver ore Caribbean pirates. Presently, the fortress serves as one of Honduras' most historic monuments.

    Best Time To Visit

    Any time of the year is okay to visit this attraction; it's solely based on your trip schedule. But we do advise you don't choose the heavy rainy season.


    You Should Know

    The San Fernando de Omoa's Fortress has a rich history of war and conquest and was declared a national monument in 1959.

Central America Cruise Packages

Quick Facts

Whatever stirs your adventurer's soul, Central America has it. Each activity offers a new, exciting way to create priceless memories and truly immerse yourself in this diverse region. So, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

  • Getting There

    Embarking on a Central American cruise is a breeze, with flexible options to suit every traveler. This tropical region, stretching between North and South America, is strategically positioned near major sea routes, making it easily accessible by cruise liners.   Most Central American cruises set sail from well-connected ports in the United States, such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale in Florida and Los Angeles or San Diego in California. These cities offer international airports with flights from across the globe, streamlining your journey to the cruise terminal.

    Once aboard, prepare for the serene waters of the Caribbean Sea or the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean to guide you to your first Central American destination. The adventure begins the moment you step on the ship, with each port of call introducing a new layer of this region's rich culture.

  • The Perfect Time for a Central American Cruise

    Planning a Central American cruise involves considering the region's warm, tropical climate that welcomes cruisers year-round. However, for an optimal cruising experience, choosing the right time can significantly enhance your journey.  

    Dry Season Delights (mid-November to April): Cruising Central America during the dry season, particularly from January to April, is often seen as the best time. This period is ideal for cruisers looking for endless sunny days perfect for lounging on the cruise ship's deck or beach hopping along the coast. The minimal rainfall during these months ensures uninterrupted outdoor adventures and smooth sailing conditions.  

    Green Season Gems (May to mid-November): If you prefer to avoid the crowds, cruising during the green season could be your perfect choice. During this time, cruisers can expect more frequent rain showers, but they're typically brief, quickly giving way to lush, vibrant landscapes. The green season also means fewer tourists at popular sites, offering a more serene and intimate cruising experience. It's a great time for cruisers who don't mind a little rain and appreciate nature's rejuvenation.  

    Remember, Central America's diverse microclimates mean that while one area might be experiencing showers, another could be enjoying clear skies. It's wise for cruisers to pack for warm weather but also keep a raincoat handy. Ultimately, cruising in Central America is a fantastic opportunity for discovery and relaxation, regardless of the season. Whether basking in the dry season sun or embracing the green season's freshness, every cruiser can find their slice of paradise in this vibrant region.  

  • Why Book a Cruise to Central America?

    Being on a Central American cruise is like waking up to a new slice of paradise every day. Forget the hassle of juggling hotel bookings, transportation, and finding the perfect restaurant in a place you've never been before. On a cruise, everything is taken care of, allowing you to savor every moment of your vacation. It's not just about the convenience; it's also about the value for money. With accommodations, top-notch meals, and stellar entertainment included in the package price, you're getting an incredible deal. Plus, cruises can provide exclusive access to some of Central America's hidden wonders off the beaten tourist path, offering unique excursions that you won't find anywhere else.  

    But there's more — imagine the comfort of settling into your room, knowing you don't have to repack until the journey's end. Your floating hotel brings you to new horizons, with no need to catch flights or change hotels. Every morning, you're greeted with spectacular coastal views that only ocean travel can offer, bringing you face-to-face with nature's unspoiled beauty and the stunning geography of Central America.  

    This seamless experience combines relaxation with discovery and adventure, making a Central American cruise an irresistible option. It's more than a trip; it's access to an ever-changing canvas of cultures, sights, and sounds. So, if you're ready for an adventure that promises both convenience and a daily spectacle of tropical beauty, it's time to book that dream Central American cruise!

  • Experience the Flavors of Central America

    One of the unmissable delights of your Central American cruise is undoubtedly the food, a sensational blend of indigenous flavors, Spanish influences, and Caribbean zest. The region offers a diverse culinary landscape, and every country has its signature dish that tells a story.  

    In the bustling markets and local eateries near the ports, you'll encounter dishes like 'pupusas,' a stuffed corn tortilla from El Salvador, or 'gallo pinto,' a flavorsome rice and beans dish common in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Don't miss the chance to try 'ceviche,' fresh seafood cured in citrus juices, a coastal favorite throughout the region.  

    For a true taste of Central America, local food tours are available in most port cities, providing an authentic experience beyond the typical tourist spots. And remember, no culinary journey is complete without sipping on the region's rich, aromatic coffee or trying a glass of 'Horchata,' a sweet and refreshing rice drink. Embrace these flavors, and you'll carry a piece of Central America with you forever.

  • Immerse Yourself in Central American Culture

    Central America is a vibrant mosaic of cultures, each with its own unique customs and celebrations, making it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking an immersive cultural experience. From the moment you step off the cruise ship, you'll sense the region's deep-rooted traditions, seen in the colorful handicrafts, heard in the rhythmic music, and felt in the warm hospitality of the locals.  

    One cannot talk about Central American culture without highlighting its lively festivals. For instance, you might time your cruise to witness Guatemala's 'Semana Santa,' a profound week-long celebration leading up to Easter, known for its elaborate street carpets made of colored sawdust and vibrant processions. Similarly, in Belize, the 'Garifuna Settlement Day' celebrates the unique Garifuna culture with drumming, dance, and food.  

    Every port in Central America introduces a new cultural narrative, where histories come alive through performances, artifacts, and especially the people. Engaging with local guides, attending community-hosted events, or even participating in a traditional cooking class can deepen your appreciation for this diverse and historical land.

  • Ready to Book Your Central American Cruise?

    By now, it's clear that a cruise through Central America isn't just a trip; it's an entryway to a world of unforgettable experiences. This region, teeming with rich histories, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking natural wonders, offers more than just a travel destination; it promises an adventure that will resonate with you long after you've returned home.  

    Imagine waking up to the sight of a new port, each harboring its own unique treasures, from the ancient Mayan ruins to the infectious rhythms of local music and festivals. Every stop presents an opportunity to dive into exotic cuisines, meet warm-hearted locals, and explore tropical landscapes that seem plucked out of fairy tales.  

    So, why wait? Embark on a journey that combines comfort with discovery, luxury with adventure. Your Central American cruise is more than a holiday; it's a page waiting to be written in your life's storybook. Secure your reservation and get ready for the voyage of a lifetime. After all, the mystical shores of Central America are calling, and the memories you'll create will echo forever in the stories you'll share.  

    This conclusive section is designed to reinforce the reader's desire to experience Central America, highlighting the ease and added adventure that booking a cruise offers. It's your final pitch to the reader, combining the practicality of a cruise with the promise of unforgettable experiences.

Central America Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can you visit?

    During this trip, you will be able to visit countries with beautiful coastal beaches. This cruise presents you with the opportunity to explore numerous inland jungles and their unique environment. When on this cruise, you will also enjoy visiting beautiful cities, towns, and villages, filled with historical details that are relevant and interesting to know. The exciting cruise will help you behold beautiful sights that will help make your tour enjoyable. 

  • How will the cruise be designed?

    The answer to the format the cruise will take depends on the itinerary you are choosing. With the right itinerary, you can enjoy your trip without missing anything interesting when on tour. You can pick itineraries designed as part of the Caribbean cruises, which will allow you to explore numerous ports in locations like Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, etc. Expert traveler agents or websites can help you select the best travel itinerary that will include all essential tourist destinations. 

  • What are the highlights of the central America ocean cruise?

    This ocean cruise is organized to help you explore several rain-forest destinations. You will also explore rivers filled with various sea aquatic creatures, which are unique to Central America. You will also explore coral reefs with their magnificent local wildlife. The ocean cruise will expose you to the wonders of the local sites and historic sites. This cruise will also present you with the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling, riding horses around beaches, watching animals like dolphins live their life. 

  • How much does the Central American ocean cruise cost?

    The cost often depends on the destination, the number of days you are planning to use, accommodation options, and transportation options. If the cruise takes around 8 to 10 days, you can expect to spend about $2500. This may be higher or lower, depending on the number of days and the factors highlighted above. 

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