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SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises to Asia 2024/2025

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Sea Dream Yacht Club is a family owned cruise company that was founded by legend in the cruise ship industry who had also launched and had been at key positions of other such successful ventures in the past that were related to the shipping sector. Sea Dream Yacht Club debuted in the oceans with two mega yachts by the name of Sea Dream I and Sea Dream II. The company has a motto that "Its Yachting Not Cruising". Their main focus on is always on providing their customers with an experience that they would think that they are on private yacht rather than on a cruise liner with a lot of people. This company has always emphasized on offering a very exclusive service in which their guests will never feel left out on the ship and everyone is almost always there at your service. They take pride in not only providing a very luxury service on the ship but also on the shore so that your experience with Sea Dream Yacht Club as a whole is a memorable one. They offer a Sea Dream experience included in every cruise which provides an array of facilities to all of its guests regardless of a guest's stateroom type. This is why all the rooms on a Sea Dream Cruise have balconies in them and every one can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean which is the main highlight of an Ocean Cruise. With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your SeaDream Yacht Club cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

SeaDream Yacht Club Travel Guide
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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageSeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IEuropeIstanbulVenice12 NightsCorinth Canal (Transit), Greece | Dubrovnik, Old Town, Croatia | Hvar, Croatia | Istanbul, Turkey | Itea (Delphi), Greece | Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey | Mykonos, Greece | Parga, Greece | Piran, Slovenia | Rovinj, Croatia | Santorini, Greece | Sibenik, Croatia | Troy & Gallipoli (Kepez), Turkey | Venice, Italy$11,299
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageSeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IEuropeVeniceDubrovnik7 NightsDubrovnik, Croatia | Dubrovnik, Old Town, Croatia | Hvar, Croatia | Piran, Slovenia | Trogir, Croatia | Venice, Italy | Zadar, Croatia$6,999
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
2 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
SeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IIEuropeVeniceDubrovnik7 NightsDubrovnik, Croatia | Dubrovnik, Old Town, Croatia | Hvar, Croatia | Koper, Slovenia | Split, Croatia | Venice, Italy | Zadar, Croatia$6,999
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageSeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IEuropeVeniceVenice6 NightsDubrovnik, Old Town, Croatia | Hvar, Croatia | Mali Losinj, Croatia | Pula, Croatia | Venice, Italy$4,999
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
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Itinerary Map/Ship ImageSeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IEuropeVeniceDubrovnik7 NightsDubrovnik, Croatia | Dubrovnik, Old Town, Croatia | Opatija, Croatia | Piran, Slovenia | Rovinj, Croatia | Venice, Italy | Zadar, Croatia$6,599
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImageSeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IEuropeRomeVenice14 NightsAmalfi, Italy | Bonifacio, Corsica, France | Capri, Italy | Dubrovnik, Old Town, Croatia | Kotor, Montenegro | Otranto, Italy | Ponza, Italy | Porto Ercole, Italy | Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy | Rovinj, Croatia | Taormina (Etna) Sicily, Italy | Valletta, Malta | Venice, Italy | Zadar, Croatia$12,999
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
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SeaDream Yacht Club Travel Guide

SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises Highlights

  • Sea Dream Yacht Club is a 21st century Norwegian cruise line. It is a privately owned cruise company and also has its headquarters based in Oslo Norway.
  • This cruise line is a very different company that claims to be more of a yacht company then a cruise company. They provide a very luxury way of cruising but at the same time they tend to keep their brand a little away from mainstream to give it that low-key feeling.
  • This cruise company focuses on attracting the travelers who do not usually cruise. They try to provide opportunities to people who are not fan of cruise lines so that they reconsider their choice again and try out this luxury way of traveling in the seas.
  • Sea Dream Yacht Club has two cruises in its fleet and it promises to provide only the most luxurious service on their ships. The two ships in this company's fleet are named as Sea Dream I and Sea Dream II.
  • The ships in the fleet of Sea Dream Yacht Club are of a small size and can accommodate a little over 100 passengers and have a capacity of around 95 crew members as well. This makes these ships a very few in the world that have the crew to passenger ratio of almost equal to each other. This ratio is the indicator that you have a lot of importance on the ship, which in return enhances your cruise experience.
  • Sea Dream Yacht Club has announced its plan of expansion in its fleet. They have disclosed that they will be acquiring another ship that will increase its fleet size to 3 ships and this will also create more opportunities for passengers to travel with this cruise line.
  • The areas in which most the itineraries of this cruise line are concentrated, are Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe and Asia Pacific. You can take cruise in any of these regions with the Sea Dream Yacht Club at any time of the year.
  • This company is a modern company and has been around for less than two decades which is a very little amount of time as compared to other cruise lines. Their success in such a short span of time can also be attributed to it being a new era cruise company and being able to adapt the modern concepts of cruising or, as the company says, yachting.
  • The majority of their itineraries are about 8 to 12 days long and they offer these small itineraries because you can have maximum utility of fun during your cruise period and you don't get bored or tired during the course of your trip. This also lets the ship crew provide the best services to their guests with a lot of efficiency.
  • This cruise company has got more than 30 awards in this really short time period. Their consistent approach to provide better customer service than their competitors and their priority to the satisfaction of their guests has helped them get so many positive reviews from their guests. As a result of these positive reviews they were able to grab so many accolades.

SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises Travel Tips

  • Sea Dream Yacht Club offers cruises that are designed to make your special occasions more special. Their unique voyages give you an opportunity to celebrate your personal events where the cruise staff will try their best to make every moment of your day a special one. Most of the time people choose these unique voyages for their honeymoon, birthday or anniversaries.
  • The crew to guest ratio is incredible on the cruise ships of this company. It is almost close to one crew for every one guest on board. This makes your cruise experience a very intimate one. Unlike large ships where you feel like you are not any more important than the other thousands of travelers, with Sea Dream you are made to feel special at every moment of your trip.
  • Sea Dream Yacht Club offers its guests a time independent way of travelling. They can do whatever they like at any time of the day during the cruise. There is no hard and fast rule about when you can and when you cannot have dinner, lunch or breakfast. If you want to watch a movie at 2 a.m they will play it for you or if you want to sleep under the stars at 3 a.m the staff will set up your bed on the open deck for you.
  • This company also offers really cool charter services through which you can book the entire cruise for yourself. If you want to have an unforgettable wedding ceremony while cruising in the Caribbean, Sea Dream Yacht Club will do it for you and you can make up to a 115 guests stay with you while on the cruise. These are one of kind services that only this company offers to its guests.
  • The passengers on the crusies by Sea Dream Yacht Club are almost always of the same age group and you will not see too many children on these cruises. This gives the passengers of the cruise an easy opportunity to socialize with the people. Because the majority of guests are of same generation that is why they connect nicely with each other and have a really good time on the cruise.
  • The spa at the Sea Dream Yacht Club is one of the very few spas on the cruises that offer certified Thai massage. Their spa is the best place for you to have a relaxing massage and forget about all the tiredness of your everyday life. They not only offer Thai massages but they also have aroma massage, detoxifying massage and other similar options for their guests.
  • Their itineraries include stays at one of the most popular destinations and they provide you overnight stay at decent places on the port and you can easily take a tour of these beautiful places without worrying too much about the time. It's not just about the popular destinations but they also stop over at some of the ports that are very small and cruise ships that are too big are not able to stop there. This gives you an exclusive opportunity to travel to places that are not visited by a lot of people.
  • The packages by Sea Dream Yacht Club mostly include everything and you don't have to be worried all the time about paying extra money for every tiny little thing like a cup of tea or a class of yoga. Most of their packages already include the cost of meals, beverages and entertainment activities in the onetime price.
  • In order to provide a yacht like experience, Sea Dream Yacht Club goes an extra mile and provides its guests with an opportunity to communicate with the captain of the ship and the captain usually caters to the requests of guests. This makes the guests feel like they are heard and it's not just an ordinary cruise where you are nothing but a number.
  • The dining options on this cruise liner are amazing. They have a lavish cuisine and the meal that you have is very delicious. You can customize the menu by yourself and that way you don't have to eat everything that they want you to eat. They have lots of different cuisines that you can choose from.

SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises Things To Do

  • Sea Dream Yacht Club is the best kind of cruise for people who would like to travel in a more luxurious manner. Those travelers who are used to of taking yachts more than a cruise will love the experience on this cruise liner because they will feel like they are on their own yacht but at the same time be accompanied by other people who they can socialize with. This is the best kind of yacht for someone who wants to spend their vacation with their spouse while the kids are at home so that they can take their mind off of everyday hassle.

    A vacation with this cruise ship is a great mood changer for those who want a stress free experience on the ship and those who have a taste different than others. Because the best thing about this cruise is that when they claim to provide a yachting experience on the cruise then they mean it. You will be accommodated with almost anything that you desire, just like the way you would if you were on your own yacht. This is like taking a really private trip but on a cruise with a hundred other passengers. And if you are into that kind of cruises where you like all the importance that is being given to you then you will definitely love this cruise.

SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of trips can I take with you?

    There are two main kinds of trips that you can take with Sea Dream Yacht Club. The first one is the trip to Caribbean, which includes traveling to several different destinations within the Caribbean islands; these trips are very famous for honeymoon and also wedding parties. The second type of trip that you take with Sea Dream includes taking a trip to the Mediterranean region, which are famous amongst the travelers who would like to visit different cultural and historic destinations along the Mediterranean Sea.

  • How much would a tour cost?

    The cost of cruising with Sea Dream Yacht Club is way less than the cost of owning a private yacht or chartering a private yacht. Due to this reason their travelers consider their prices to be very reasonable as with this cruise company you are going to be having a yacht-like experience but in the price of a cruise. The average price for their 7 day trip to the Caribbean starts at $2,500 per person. These prices may vary according to the package and the services that are included in that package. These prices may change from time to time.

  • Can I take my family with the guide and not be stuck with other people?

    Yes, their experience is yacht like experience and to make it practically possible they provide services to their guests that will include a tour guide for you and your family. However, these services may cost you extra money and you might have to intimate this request to your agent in advance.

  • Can I tell the agent what I want out of the trip?

    Yes, their customer support also encourages people to talk to the agent before booking the cruise. You can contact them and let them know of any of your specific requirements like for instance if you are a vegan and not sure if the food on the ship will be vegan or not then it will better idea for you to call the agent and ask him/her to have vegan food on the menu.

  • Do they have support that can help me regardless of what time?

    They do have multiple help lines for customers who can either call them on their US phone number or their Norwegian phone number. These phone numbers are available on their website and they also have a live chat option on the website that you can click to contact the agent online at any time you want.

  • What do the guides do for you?

    The guides by Sea Dream Yacht Club are very professional and are very considerate. You can rely on the guides to help you with each and everything regarding your trip while at your destination. They will help you make friends with people from the local community so in that way you will not just learn and understand the culture of the destination but at the same time stay connected to those people.

  • Do they have specialists that are working in each place?

    The company has a very comprehensive and well thought recruitment plan and the staff that they hire is very talented with all the skills that are need to be a specialist in the concerned field of work.

  • What type of way can you travel when you are traveling through Sea Dream Cruises?

    You can travel in various ways with the Sea Dream Yacht Club. They offer trips to a couple of regions where you can visit a number of destination ports in a single cruise. They also provide options for chartering a cruise to make that yacht-like experience a hundred percent possibility for you. Because the capacity of this cruise is more than that of a typical yacht, people who charter these ships usually do that in order to organize an event like Wedding Ceremony or a Birthday Party.

  • Who customizes the itinerary or things you are going to do ahead of time?

    The itineraries of this company are well customized by the experts of the industry and the possibility of these itineraries is verified before the booking starts. Very rarely, if any mishap occurs that interrupts the itinerary then they can be modified by the captain during the cruise.

  • Where do you stay while you are at the destinations?

    The stays during your destinations are well thought of and they are chosen very carefully to provide you a very luxury accommodation while you are on the land. If you want to have a special stay on your destination then you can request the agent to reserve that for you.

  • Is there a single supplement that can be used for travelers who are solo?

    The ships in Sea Dream Yacht Club's fleet do not have single occupancy rooms as of now and all the passengers traveling alone will have to reserve the entire double occupancy room for themselves after paying a single supplement fee. These single supplement feay change from time to time.

  • On average, what is the group size like?

    The group depends on the number of people that are traveling with you on the cruise and if any of them have special excursions on the destination then your group size may be smaller but if they are all traveling together with you then the groups may be larger.

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