Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

St. Johns, Antigua

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (&degF)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
77 77 78 79 81 82 83 83 82 81 80 78


St John's is the capital city of Antigua and Barbuda, a country that is located in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. With a population of 24,800, St John's is the commercial center of the nation and a key port of the island of Antigua. St John's has been the administrative centre of Antigua and Barbuda since the islands were first colonized in 1632.

Things to Do

If you want to relax and just get away from it all, you have to visit the beaches here in St. John. Truly spectacular, the beaches here can be gone to everyday of the year. Enjoy the warm waters and white sandy beaches as you go swimming or basking in the sun. The beaches here are just amazing. It's a great place for the whole family.

Scuba diving is the most popular activity here. Enjoy coral gardens and tropical fish while you explore nature below the water. This is where an underwater camera can be handy. Snap away as you explore one of the most beautiful coral reefs around. Diving is so popular here, that it can even be booked through the hotels.