Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Kota Kinabalu, formerly Jesselton, is the capital of Sabah, east Malaysia, its population is about 360,000 people. Jesselton was renamed Kota Kinabalu in 1968 after Mount Kinabalu located east-northeast of the city. The meaning of the name Kinabalu is unknown, although theories suggest either Chinese widow or revered place of the dead. Kota Kinabalu received official city status from the Malaysian government on February 2, 2000.Yes, Kota Kinabulu recently received its city status on February 2, 2000. But, its history dates more than a century back to the days when the British North Borneo Chartered Company discovered it by accident, after a fire burnt down its former administration center on Gaya Island. Kota Kinabulu was then a tiny fishing village, sited on a slim strip of land with hills on one side and sea on the other. It only takes a visitor one glance at present-day Kota Kinabalu, to conclude that this is a brand new city. The only colonial leftovers of an almost century-long British control are the Old Post Office Building and the Atkinson Clock Tower in the older part of the capital. With many of its office buildings and commercial edifices, some still with that fresh-paint look and with constructions going on at almost every major intersection, one could not be blamed for thinking that Koto Kinabulu was built just yesterday.

Things to Do

Take a tour and go see the Atkinson Clock Tower was erected by Mary Edith Atkinson in 1905 in remembrance of her son Francis George Atkinson. It was in earlier times used as a navigation aid for ships until it was put in the shade by taller buildings.

Or visit Sabah Foundation Building it is about a 10-minute drive from Kota Kinabalu, this 30-story glass building is supported by steel rods, one of only four buildings in the world that is built this way.