Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Lorient, France

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (&degF)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
43 42 45 48 53 58 62 63 60 55 49 45


Lorient is a seaport of Brittany, France. With a population of around 62,000 residents. Lorient is located by the Atlantic Ocean. Lorient housed a German submarine base during World War II; although the city was heavily damaged by Allied bombing raids, the base endured through the end of the war. Since they couldn't destroy the Base, the Allied Forces decided to bomb the City, on purpose, to cut the supplying of the U-Boats. No gasoline, no food, no torpedoes. That made it was impossible for those submarines to go to the Atlantic. Between January 14,1943 and February, 17,1943 500 explosive bombs and more than 60,000 incendiary bombs fell down on the town. Lorient was completely and utterly destroyed. Now Lorient is just a fishing port. The fishing port is amongst the largest in France, if you visit early in the morning you can watch the auction of the night’s catch.

Things to Do

You can see a live and up close piece of World War II, a German U-Boat base. Today the former submarine base of Keroman is open to the public, you can visit it all year. During the tour you can look at the different pens of the block K3 and go through the roof to a former anti aircraft defense tower. From it you've got an incredible view of the harbor.

If you go during the first two weeks of August visit the annual Interceltique music festival which lures around 5,000 artists from the British Isles and Brittany.  The first weekend has an tremendous parade with dancing in traditional costumes.