Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Sochi, Russian Federation

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (&degF)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
44 45 48 55 63 68 73 73 69 61 56 49


Sochi is the most popular resort in Russia located in the Krasnodar Krai. It lies near the Russian border with Abkhazia, Georgia, with a population of around 330,000. The city was founded by Alexandria in 1838. For over 30 years now, the Port of Sochi has been part of the itinerary of Russian and foreign cruise ships.

Things to Do

Agura Waterfalls is a great place to visit and take pictures. The highest waterfall being 90 feet, it's spectacular to watch the down pour. It is also a great place to view nature as well. Great scenic views and clean air makes this a great tourist spot. A great place for the whole family.

Krasnaya Polyana is a very popular state reserve that offers stunning views of the West Caucasus Mountains. You can take a stroll through here as well enjoying natures gift. Make sure you bring plenty of film here because there are photo opportunities everywhere.