Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Marthas Vineyard, Mass.

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (&degF)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
31 31 38 46 56 65 70 70 64 54 45 36


Martha's Vineyard is a island off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is often known simply as the "Vineyard". It was home to one of the original deaf society, and hence a special dialect of sign language, Martha's Vineyard Sign Language, developed on the island. The island is now mainly known as a summer colony. Martha's Vineyard was brought to notoriety in the 19th century by the whaling industry, sending ships around the world to hunt whales for their oil and blubber.  Martha's Vineyard received more international attention when U.S. President Bill Clinton spent vacation time on the island during his presidency, along with his wife, future US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and their daughter Chelsea. It now has a year-round population of about 15,000 inhabitants in six towns, but in summer the population enlarges to 100,000 residents. The most jam-packed weekend is 4th of July. In general, the summer runs from June to the end of August, correlating with the months most American children are not in school.

Things to Do

Take a ride on the oldest working carousel in the United States. In Martha's Vineyard you can go to the Flying Horses Carousel where if you catch a brass ring you get a free ride. All the horses are handcrafted.

Other places to see are Trinity Park Tabernacle, Oak Bluffs Camp Ground, Oak Bluffs Public Library, East Chop Light and don't forget go by Lola's for a drink.