Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Agadir, Morocco

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Agadir is a city in southwest Morocco, capital of the Souss-Massa-Dra region. It has a population of 678,596. The mild winter climate and good beaches has made it a major "winter sun" destination.  Today, Agadir is a seaport (exporting cobalt, manganese and zinc) and seaside resort with a large sandy beach. Because of its large buildings, wide roads, modern hotels, and European-style cafés, some consider it not typically Moroccan. Agadir is famous for its sea foods and agriculture. Part of Agadir's charm has to do with its rich history. At 15 minutes to midnight on February 29, 1960, Agadir was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake that lasted 15 seconds, burying the old city and killing thousands. The death toll is estimated at 15,000. The earthquake destroyed the ancient Kasbah on the summit of Cap Ghir hill, which was built in 1540. On its front gate can still be read the following sentence in Dutch: "Fear God and honor thy King". On seeing the destruction in Agadir, King Muhammad V of Morrocco declared: "If Destiny decided the destruction of Agadir, its rebuilding depends of our Faith and Will." Reconstruction began in 1961, two kilometers south of the earthquake epicenter.

Things to Do

First and foremost the main attraction of Agadir is its beaches! Sandy beaches offer safe swimming and diving, although the Atlantic can be cold even in summer. 

Visit the Kasbah, it is a little way out of the center but definitely worth the drive.  The Kasbah is a reminder of the historic Agadir unfortunately not much is left.  The view of Agadir alone is worth the trip. 

Agadir has very unique marketplaces in the centre.  Marche Municipal  is a major market many tourist flock to.  For a more Moroccan feel shop at the Souk.  The Souk has better prices than the Marche Municipal and you don't have to haggle as much. 

Spend some leisurely time on a camel ride just enjoying the day and the sights.  Your tour guide will take you through the area showing you all the sights of Agadir and most rides end with refreshments with the herders. 

Agadir has a special kind of street theatre that tourists can not turn their heads from, Snake Charming.Watch the charmers mesmerize the snakes and you!  Is it a myth or is it true that all the snakes have had their poison glands relieved? Only the charmers know the truth.

Enjoy the nightlife Agadir has to offer!  Either you can visit the wide range of bars along the corniche or at the hotels, but if you want a true taste of Agadir nightlife visit Blvd. de 20 Aout!  This is where all the excitement starts.  You will find a selection of festive and laid back clubs and bars.