Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Zanzibar, Africa

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (&degF)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
82 82 82 81 77 77 81 77 77 79 81 81


Zanzibar, is the collective name for two East African islands off the mainland Tanzania: Zanzibar and Pemba. The capital of the islands, located on the island of Unguja, is known as Zanzibar. It includes the downtown economic center in Stone Town, a World Heritage Site and adjacent areas extending eastwards from the Stone Town. Zanzibar's main industries are spices such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and tourism.

Things to Do

Zanzibar has a wide variety of delicious restaurants. Some of the restaurants serve food such as Italian, Swahili, Goan, Chinese, and Indian. Visit Forodhani Park if you want to buy open meat barbeques. This city is one place where there is diversity of food.

Diving here is very popular among the tourists as well. People from all over the world flock here for the great diving in store for them. With warm waters and warm weather, diving here is the perfect sport. Explore the beautiful underwater world as you come across beautiful corals and fish.