Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Port Vendres, France

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (&degF)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
39 40 45 50 57 62 67 67 61 53 44 41


The Greek navigators have known of Port Vendres since the 8th century. However the history of the city begin in 1659 after the treaty of Pyrenees, the King Louis XIV asks Vauban to make of a naval base. It is the nearest French deep-water port to Africa and was the embarkation point for Algeria during the period of French rule. Many fighters fled Nazi occupation from Port Vendres to join the Free French during the last World War. Today it is a small fishing port with cruise liners, pleasure craft and some freight. The town is enclosed by stunning hills with vineyards producing various types of wines. The traffic of goods and passengers does not stop increasing due to its geographic situation privileged with North Africa. Today the sea is incorporated in Port Vendres's life because it regroups the history and economy of a whole population.

Things to Do

You can visit the beach at Argeles sur mer and go parasailing, windsurfing, or go snorkeling down in the rocky Vermillion coast. You can see the beautiful sea life that live right of the coast of this beautiful island.

Visit the modern art gallery at Ceret. It is a Fauvism trail in Collioure and beautiful medieval architecture and carving in church cloisters such as at Elne. This place has art from not only Port Vendres but all around the world.