Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Horta, Portugal

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Horta, Portugal


The Port of Horta is a port city located on the island of Faial in the group of islands known as the Azores, owned by Portugal. First established as a whale hunting island in the 18th century, the city eventually became an important port for ocean crossings starting around the Age of Discovery. Full of natural beauty, with a picturesque town, and dramatic volcanic landscapes, this port is a popular stop for cruise ships traversing the Atlantic. 

Things to Do

Iconic Neighborhoods

  • Faial- This is one of the islands of the Azores and is naturally one of the most beautiful islands. It is home to a volcano, a marina as a stopover for yachts, regattas, and cruise ships, plus the Fort of Santa Cruz. It's easy to hop on a ferry to Pico.
  • Pico-Located just a 30 minute ferry ride from Faial, the landscape is dotted with lava rock formations and Mt. Pico. This area is great for hiking and climbing, cave explorations, and biking. Don’t forget to visit a vineyard that has plots divided up and growing vines protected by walls made from volcanic rock.

Hotel Horta
Address:R. Marcelino Lima, 9900-122 Horta, Horta, Portugal
Phone: +351 292 208 200
0.8 miles from Cruise Terminal

Faial Resort Hotel
Address: Rua Cônsul Dabney, 9900-856 Horta, Portugal
Phone: +351 292 207 400
0.9 miles from Cruise Terminal

  • Take a walk through the picturesque area of the marina and observe all the colorful ships moored there. Head over to the iconic Peter Café Sport for a quick drink at the bar to visit with the sailors and travelers alike, while sampling the local fare. It also boasts a large collection of scrimshaw, or engraved whale jaws and teeth.
  • Those wishing to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island should take a hike to Caldeira, the highest summit on Faial. The crater is a nature reserve and home to endemic flora. Once at the top, enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the crater below.
Family Friendly
  • Visit the Porto Pim Whale Factory Museum, and old whaling station closed in 1974. See the old equipment used for whale hunting. Kids will love the Interpretation Marine Virtual Center (CIMV), a virtual reality tour of the underwater environments of the Azores archipelago.
  • No trip to the Azores is complete without going whale watching. Head down to the marina where qualified marine biologists take visitors on tours, while lecturing about their behavior and anatomy. At peak season, watch the migrations of fin, blue, sei, and pilot whales, and sperm whales, plus bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins year round.

Clube Desportivo Santa Clara
Estádio de São Miguel: Estr. Regional da Ribeira Grande 1097, 9500-702 Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Driving Directions

Port of Horta
Av. 25 de Abril
Horta, Portugal