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Argentina Tours February 2024

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Argentina Travel Guide

Explore the culture-rich country of Argentina to discover one of South America's favorite travel destinations. Argentina offers a very diverse experience when traveling around the country – from a major metropolis like the capital, Buenos Aires, to the untouched landscapes in the Patagonia region. Argentina is a favorite destination for culinary delights and immersing in the world of Tango. Argentina Tours provides the best experiences for visiting all of the unique parts of the country. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Argentina tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Argentina Tour Deals and Discounts

Argentina Travel Guide
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Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina Tours Highlights

  • Go sightseeing in Plaza de Mayo
  • Walk the colorful streets in the La Boca neighborhood
  • Grab a dance partner and visit a famous Tango club to learn how to dance Tango
  • Shop in the historical Mercado San Telmo to find some delectable Argentine dishes
  • Explore the fantastic architecture inside Recoleta cemetery to discover some of Argentina's most famous and impactful people
  • Take a cooking class to learn how to make signature Argentine empanadas
  • Ride Horses at an Argentine Estancia
  • Taste delicious wine from Argentina's Malbec region when you visit one of the many wineries
  • Hike to the top of Cerro Campanario to see one of the best viewpoints in the world
  • See and hear the thundering water of the Iguassu Falls
  • Explore the scenic natural sights within Argentina's Patagonia region

Argentina Tours Travel Tips

  • Most people speak only Spanish, so knowing a few words and phrases helps navigate the country. Some of the busy tourist areas, hotels, and guides speak English to assist you.
  • Bring a jacket. Argentina has varied weather patterns – one day, it might be warm and sunny, and the next day cool and rainy. Be sure to check the weather before heading out every day.
  • Make sure you're prepared for some of the high elevation destinations in Argentina. Elevation sickness is common, but there are many ways to remedy the illness, so you still have a chance to explore these regions.
  • Use cash. Most places outside of Buenos Aires and other developed cities predominantly use the Argentine Pesos. Street vendors and markets also strictly use cash.
  • Avoid flashy clothing and jewelry when traveling around Argentina to not attract unwanted attention.

Argentina Tours Things To Do

  • Go sightseeing in Plaza de Mayo
    Go sightseeing in Plaza de Mayo

    Plaza de Mayo is the most important square in Buenos Aires. It's a political and historical center surrounded by many of the notable landmarks in the city. It's a must-visit for tourists to access the top attractions and learn about the country's origins. Plaza de Mayo is named for the May Pyramid in the center of the plaza – it commemorates the May Revolution from 1884 when Argentina gained independence. Notable buildings surround the plaza, including Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires City Hall, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Cabildo.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Visit during the day to see a lot of the local life surrounding the plaza. It's a popular public gathering place and a hub for transportation with access to the metro trains. In addition to sightseeing, there are several shops and restaurants around the square.  

  • Walk the colorful streets in the La Boca neighborhood
    Walk the colorful streets in the La Boca neighborhood

    The colorful streets of La Boca are one of the most visited areas in Buenos Aires. It's one of the first settled areas established off of the port, but today attracts tourists from all over to experience its culture and history. La Boca is approximately a four-block radius filled with beautifully painted streets and buildings by local artists. Take a walk around to admire the artistic nature of the neighborhood. The streets are lined with vendors selling paintings, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It's considered the birthplace of the famous tango dance, so there are always street performers dancing.  

    Best Time To Visit

    La Boca is a daytime destination for enjoying the local atmosphere of art and dance. It's often included on walking and photo tours. It's not recommended for tourists to visit at night.  

  • Explore the unique architecture inside Recoleta cemetery to discover some of Argentina's most famous and impactful people
    Explore the unique architecture inside Recoleta cemetery to discover some of Argentina's most famous and impactful people

    Cemeteries aren't typically must-see attractions for tourists, but Recoleta Cemetery ranks among the most beautiful cemeteries in the entire world. The cemetery serves as a burial site for many of the most notable figures in Argentina's history while showcasing incredible design and architecture. Recoleta Cemetery was established in 1822 and now holds over 4,000 graves. Many of the graves feature artistically designed tombs, statues, monuments, and more. The graves are organized as city blocks to make it walkable for visitors.  

    You Should Know

    There are many impressive tombs to see in the cemetery, including all of the past Argentina presidents, military figures, cultural icons, and the most famous, Eva Perón. A walking tour is the best way to explore the cemetery as there are no directions to the notable tomb sites.

  • Shop in the historical Mercado San Telmo to find some delectable Argentine dishes
    Shop in the historical Mercado San Telmo to find some delectable Argentine dishes

    Browse the stalls of Mercado San Telmo to taste the fresh Argentine flavors or shop locally made handicrafts. Established in 1897, the famous market is the oldest and largest market in Buenos Aires. Mercado San Telmo is located in a building designed in an Italian architecture style and recognized as a National Historic Monument. The building houses various vendors and stalls selling meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, antique items, jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs. The market is a popular tourist destination for eating local food favorites like empanadas or shopping fresh produce.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Mercado San Telmo is open daily but visit on Sunday to explore the outdoor Sunday market adjacent to the building. You'll have a lot more variety of things to eat and shop between the indoor and outdoor shopping spaces.

  • Grab a dance partner and visit a famous Tango club to learn how to dance Tango
    Grab a dance partner and visit a famous Tango club to learn how to dance Tango

    Tango is a world-renowned dance style that originated in Argentina. Buenos Aires, the capital, is known as the birthplace of the tango, so it's a popular tourist activity to learn (or watch) the sensual dance. You'll discover the tango everywhere in Argentina, from street performers to major dance events showcasing the world's best dancers. There are many local tango clubs in Buenos Aires to learn how to dance the tango or dance the night away to live tango music.  

    You Should Know

    Plan to tango at some point during your visit to Argentina – a lot of the nightlife centers around Tango dancing, or you'll find a lot of local classes for learning beginner moves before stepping out onto the dance floor.   

  • See and hear the thundering water of the Iguassu Falls
    See and hear the thundering water of the Iguassu Falls

    Follow the flow of the Iguazu River to reach the border of Argentina and Brazil, where the river flows into the Iguassu Falls, the world's largest waterfall. The roaring sound of the water and the mist rising from the bottom is a must-see sight to experience. Iguassu Falls consists of 275 individual falls, most of which are on Argentina's side. The falls range in height and flow, with the largest reaching an elevation of 82 meters.  

    You Should Know

    Visitors can view the falls from either Argentina or Brazil. When traveling in Argentina, the falls are accessible via the Iguazú National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to hiking, there are also helicopter tours for an aerial perspective of the falls.

  • Hike to the top of Cerro Campanario to see one of the best viewpoints in the world
    Hike to the top of Cerro Campanario to see one of the best viewpoints in the world

    Views from atop Cerro Campanario are among the most beautiful sights in the world. Ascend to the summit over 1000 meters above sea level for an impressive view of the diverse landscapes of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. Cerro Campanario has panoramic views of snow-capped mountains of the Andes Mountains, blue lakes, and lush forested areas. Visitors can enjoy taking photos or sightseeing from the observation platform. There is also a café at the summit to grab a bite while taking in the views.  

    You Should Know

    Cerro Campanario is a popular day trip activity for visitors in Bariloche. Buses take visitors to the foothills, which has two options for reaching the top: hiking or cable car.

  • Explore the scenic natural sights within Argentina's Patagonia region
    Explore the scenic natural sights within Argentina's Patagonia region

    The mostly uninhabited region of Patagonia makes it the perfect place to experience the rich natural landscape of Argentina. Patagonia is a popular destination for adventure travelers seeking a unique outdoor experience in the vast region. Patagonia is a region of South America's southern tip, covering over one million square kilometers of Argentina and Chile. It's known for its preserved diverse landscapes – Andes Mountains, glaciers, deserts, lakes, fjords, etc. Some of the popular points of interest include Perito Moreno Glacier, Tierra del Fuego, and the Valdés Peninsula.  

    You Should Know

    Favorite things to do in Patagonia include hiking, camping, backpacking, whale watching, and cruises. It's also the starting point for journeys to Antarctica. It has an abundance of wildlife and flora for the best natural scenery in Argentina.

  • Ride Horses at an Argentine Estancia
    Ride Horses at an Argentine Estancia

    An Argentine "estancia" is a ranch where locals raise cattle, farm, and now host tourist groups for getting an intimate glimpse into the rural lifestyle in Argentina. One of the popular activities to do at the estancia experiences is riding horses through a picturesque landscape. There are lots of Argentine estancias located in the Patagonia region where land is abundant, and farming remains a local way of life. The family-owned ranches provide an entire itinerary for visitors such as petting the animals, riding horses, and eating meals prepared with the local-grown produce.  

    You Should Know

    Visiting an Argentine Estancia is a unique experience to interact with local farmers in Argentina while getting to know their way of life. Many estancias receive lots of visitors and provide tourist activities and showcasing typical farming techniques and routines.

Argentina Tour Packages

Quick Facts

The best time to visit Argentina is during the spring or the fall seasons. Keep in mind that Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, so its seasons are reversed. In general, Argentina has a temperate climate, remaining cool and dry year-round. However, it's a large country and features a variety of temperature differences depending on the region. The southern Andes region is the coldest due to the high elevations, while the northern region is the hottest, especially during the summer.

  • Spring – October to December – Best Season

    The best time to visit Argentina is during the spring. It avoids the extreme temperatures found during the summer or winter, giving tourists a more moderate climate to enjoy for their trip. Spring is the most beautiful time in the country when the flowers bloom – it's the best time to explore the great natural sights.

  • Summer – January to March – Low Season

    Many travelers avoid visiting Argentina during the summer because of the hot weather, especially in the north. Temperatures average between 90°F-100°F, so outdoor activities are unfavorable.

  • Fall – April to June – Best Season

    Fall is an alternative season to visit in Argentina. It's an off-peak season, so travel prices are better and popular destinations less crowded during the Fall. One of the most popular things to do during the Fall is to explore the wine region – Fall is harvest time for the grapes for producing fresh wine.

  • Winter – July to September – Peak Season

    Winter in Argentina is the summer travel season in the US, Europe, and Asia, where many travelers come from. Although it's the coldest season, it remains a popular time to visit.

Argentina Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Argentina Tours?

    Argentina Tours provides an incredible experience from a local perspective to get to know Argentina. Argentina is a popular travel destination when visiting South America, and the variety of tours help highlight the best in the country. Experience the culture, history, and beautiful nature when you visit Argentina!

  • What’s included in Argentina Tours?

    Argentina Tours takes visitors across the top destinations in South America. Plan a vacation to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru to see the diversity of the continent. Tour stops in Argentina can be combined with other neighboring countries to see famous landmarks like Casa Rosada, the Iguazu Waterfalls, Patagonia, or to begin the cruise to Antarctica.

  • Where should you go in Argentina?

    Argentina is a vast country with a lot of well-known destinations. It's a country ideal for all travelers, from cultural tourism to adventure travelers to a couple's retreat. Some of the must-visit destinations in Argentina include Buenos Aires, Patagonia, the Iguazú National Park, and the Malbec Wine Region.

  • What can I do on my free day in Argentina?

    Many of the Argentina Tours allow you to spend a free day in Buenos Aires, where you have plenty of options to explore the capital city. It's one of the biggest cities in Latin America and is known for its dance, food, history, and more. Explore some of the walking tours to discover the city from a local perspective or take a day trip outside of the city to places like the estancias to explore the country's natural side.

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