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Bolivia Tours September 2023

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Bolivia Travel Guide

Bolivia is a landlocked country with some of the highest elevation cities in the world. Take your travel experience to new heights when you visit one of South America's most unique destinations. Bolivia has the perfect mix of city attractions and natural wonders that you won't want to miss on your trip. From exploring La Paz, the world's highest capital, to seeing the picturesque reflections of the salt flats, you'll never have a dull moment in Bolivia. Bolivia Tours welcomes travelers worldwide to discover this unique country. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Bolivia tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Bolivia Tour Deals and Discounts

Bolivia Travel Guide
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Bolivia Travel Guide

Bolivia Tours Highlights

  • Explore the historical government buildings around Plaza Murilla.
  • Take a cable car ride up to El Alto for the best viewpoint overlooking La Paz.
  • Admire the perfect reflections in the world's largest mirror at the Uyuni Salt Flats.
  • Walk amongst the towering spires in the Valle de la Luna.
  • Visit the Witches' Market to learn about Bolivian rituals from witch doctors.
  • Take a scenic bike ride along the "Death Road."
  • Birdwatch the abundance of flamingos dwelling around the Laguna Colorada.
  • Watch a Cholita women wrestling match.
  • Go on a cave exploration of Cerro Rico to see one of the former major silver mines of the world.

Bolivia Tours Travel Tips

  • Be mindful of the elevation, especially as you travel throughout the country and experience rapid elevation changes. Many people chew coca leaves to remedy the chance of elevation sickness.
  • Bring a jacket! Bolivia can get very cold, especially at night, so prepare in advance by dressing in layers.
  • Keep an eye out for your belongings and valuables when traveling in busy tourist areas to avoid theft. When in doubt, stay with your guide and consult about exploring various places.
  • The official language in Bolivia is Spanish. Most people only speak the language, so feel free to use your guide to assist with communicating. It helps to learn a few common phrases before your trip.
  • Always have cash on you. "Boliviano" is the local currency, and most places only accept cash payment.
  • Be open-minded when you arrive in Bolivia. Bolivia is a fascinating country to explore, but some of their traditions like witch markets, public transportation, and women's wrestling might seem unorthodox, but you might miss out on some incredible experiences.

Bolivia Tours Things To Do

  • Explore the historical government buildings around Plaza Murilla
    Explore the historical government buildings around Plaza Murilla

    Head to the old town section of La Paz to discover Plaza Murillo, the main plaza in the center of the city. It's one of the busiest areas with local foot traffic and a frequent starting point for tourists visiting La Paz. Plaza Murillo was established in 1558 and has remained a focal point of the city. It features many of the notable buildings – the Presidential Palace, Cathedral of La Paz, National Congress of Bolivia. Take a close look at the clock on the National Congress building to see the counterclockwise movement of the time.  

    You Should Know

    Plaza Murillo is a small plaza, but a very popular place for photography. The beautiful buildings surrounding it and the plaza activity make it great for capturing the sights and ambiance of La Paz.

  • Take a cable car ride up to El Alto for the best viewpoint overlooking La Paz
    Take a cable car ride up to El Alto for the best viewpoint overlooking La Paz

    For the locals, the cable car is simply another form of public transportation. But for tourists, the cable car is one of the best ways to see La Paz. The cable car, or Mi Teleférico, runs between La Paz and El Alto to give a breathtaking view of the city below. The cable car covers 20 miles – it has 11 different lines, each giving a new topographic perspective on the ride up. The Gondola cars can accommodate up to 10 passengers, so it's perfect for small tour groups. When you arrive at the top, take a moment to take in the panoramic sights of La Paz.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The cable car runs daily from 5 am to 10 pm. Ride it during the daytime to see the vast scale of the city below, and in the nighttime to see the entire city illuminated with lights.

  • Visit the Witches’ Market to learn about Bolivian rituals from witch doctors
    Visit the Witches’ Market to learn about Bolivian rituals from witch doctors

    The Witches' Market is one of Bolivia's most peculiar markets, but a must-see for tourists – even if you don't believe in witchcraft. Located in the Cerro Cumbre neighborhood, the market is a strip of vendors selling everything you need to practice traditional Bolivian rituals. Witches' Market is run by witch doctors who can provide lots of details about various ingredients and materials for the rituals. It's famous for the abundance of dried llama fetuses that locals believe in bringing good fortune to the home when buried under the foundation during construction.   Some of the other common items include love potions, medicinal remedies, herbs, and more.  

    You Should Know

    It's interesting to walk through the market to examine the colorful stalls and district scents emerging from them. Take some time to learn about various rituals and the uses for various items you'll find around the market.

  • Walk amongst the towering spires in the Valle de la Luna
    Walk amongst the towering spires in the Valle de la Luna

    The landscape around La Paz is unique, but none as impressive as Valle de la Luna. The valley located just outside of La Paz is a former mountainous landscape reshaped by erosion. It's now covered with tall spires made of sandstone and clay that appear to be otherworldly. The picturesque scenery of the Valle de la Luna is well worth the trip outside of town to see it. Visitors can walk the various routes winding through the rock formations for great photos and seeing the colorful beige and reddish tones.  

    You Should Know

    Take a guided tour of the sight to learn more about the structures as you walk past them. There are no information plaques on the site, so it's the best chance to get details about the valley.

  • Watch a Cholita women wrestling match
    Watch a Cholita women wrestling match

    Cholita wrestling is a favorite pastime in Bolivia – if you're looking for some entertainment for the night, it's always a fun thing to do! Cholitas are women who wear traditional outfits for the ringside matches filled with action, fun, and a bit of laughter. Tourists sit amongst locals in a festive atmosphere for an evening of fun. Grab a group of friends, some drinks, popcorn, and prepare to see a great show. Whether you're a wrestling fan or not, it's a fun experience for everyone. The cholitas put on a good show leading up to the match and showcase great athleticism during the fights.  

    Best Time To Visit

    There are several cholita wrestling venues around La Paz and other cities in Bolivia. Many of the tour providers include the matches in their itineraries, which often occur during the evening.

  • Admire the perfect reflections in the world’s largest mirror at the Uyuni Salt Flats
    Admire the perfect reflections in the world’s largest mirror at the Uyuni Salt Flats

    Most people traveling to Bolivia include visiting Salar de Uyuni, or Uyuni Salt Flats, during their trip. It's the largest salt flat in the world and the most famous tourist attraction in the country. It's also one of the most picturesque destinations in Bolivia. Uyuni Salt Flats cover nearly 4,000 square miles with a high elevation of almost 12,000-feet above sea level. The area is a dried-up prehistoric lake that left behind a layer of salt to cover the ground.  

    Best Time To Visit

    Travel to the Uyuni Salt Flats from January to March, when it rains. After a shower, the rain leftover makes the ground highly reflective – it becomes the largest mirror in the world. You'll have perfect reflections in your photos.

  • Birdwatch the abundance of flamingos dwelling around the Laguna Colorada
    Birdwatch the abundance of flamingos dwelling around the Laguna Colorada

    Laguna Colorada is a rare sight of a red-colored salt lake near the Bolivia-Chile border. It's a scenic destination for tourists to explore the local wildlife and amaze at the colorful scenery. Laguna Colorada is often referred to as the Red Lagoon because of the pure reddish-pink color. The color comes from the algae bloom and sediments in the water. Borax islands are also visible, characterized by large deposits emerging from the shallow waters.  

    You Should Know

    In addition to the colorful lake, people also enjoy the abundance of flamingos present at the lake. You can see hundreds of birds wandering around. The wildlife is protected so visitors can't get too close to them and must enjoy views from afar.

  • Go on a cave exploration of Cerro Rico to see one of the former major silver mines of the world
    Go on a cave exploration of Cerro Rico to see one of the former major silver mines of the world

    Cerro Rico overlooks the mining town of Potosí, which was the largest silver producing site in the world at its peak. The small town is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its impact on the Spanish Empire. Visitors can tour the active mining sites to learn more about the site's history and work conditions for the locals. Cerro Rico was mined by Spanish settlers who established the town of Potosí in 1545. It experienced a major boom in wealth and population, at one time becoming one of the wealthiest cities. In total, it provided over 40,000 tons of silver to the Spanish Empire.  

    You Should Know

    The mines are open to the public to tour inside. You'll ride through the tight spaces to see the actual work conditions. The silver has since run out, and tin is the primary metal mined at the site.

Bolivia Tour Packages

Quick Facts

The best time to visit Bolivia is during the dry season, but each season has its advantages and disadvantages. Plan your visit around what you plan to do during your trip to get the best travel experience in Bolivia.

  • Dry Season – May to October – Best Season

    The dry season in Bolivia is the country's wintertime when you can always expect cold weather. The coldest months are June and July. Although cold, it's the peak travel time in Bolivia because of the lack of precipitation, making it great for traveling. The dry season means that you won't have much precipitation compared to other months in the year. The winter months also are the sunniest, even though the days are shorter. If you're visiting during the dry season, it's a great time to travel to the highlands and lowland regions.

  • Wet Season – November to April – Low Season

    Summer in Bolivia means that you can expect a lot of rainfall every day. It's the hottest time of the year, but the combination of heat and precipitation makes the climate very humid. Due to the significant amounts of rain, many areas impose travel restrictions from floods and landslides. Some people prefer to travel to Bolivia during the summer since it's the low season for tourism and prices are generally better. It's the best time to see the salt flat reflections and exploring the Andes region.

Bolivia Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Bolivia Tours?

    Bolivia Tours provide incredible travel experiences through Bolivia. Bolivia Tours include destinations in nearby countries such as Peru and Chile to give an overall South American trip. The tours explore many of the local highlights around the country from the capital La Paz, the famous salt flats, or venturing into the Amazon.

  • Is Bolivia safe for traveling?

    Bolivia is a very safe country, but just like any other location, use precautions when walking around at night or in busy areas with your valuable. Bolivians are very friendly and helpful, especially for foreigners, but try not to go too far off the beaten path and stay in recommended areas by your guide.

  • What’s the best Bolivia Tour?

    Bolivia Tours cover a variety of local experiences, as well as some multi-country options. Whether you're looking for a cultural experience, backpacking in South America, or adventure travel, you'll find a suitable tour. Many of the tours travel to neighboring countries, so you'll have a chance to spend a few days in each to explore the top country attractions.

  • Are Bolivia Tours expensive?

    Bolivia is a very budget-friendly destination, so you'll get a lot of value from the tours. The tours range in prices with something affordable for everyone. You can spend a few days in Bolivia and travel outside the country in packages less than $1,000 USD, or reserve more in-depth tours that cover more destinations. You'll always book the best prices with Bolivia Tours thanks to our bulk tour purchasing to make travel more accessible to everyone!

Reviews for Bolivia Tours and Vacations

I have very restrictive dietary constraints and the tour manager was very helpful in making sure that my needs were met. The tour was better than I imagined. I would definitely travel with Gate 1 again.

Carol R

I have very restrictive dietary constraints and the tour manager was very helpful in making sure that my needs were met. The tour was better than I imagined. I would definitely travel with Gate 1 again.

Carol R

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this 12-day trip to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, through Gate1. Our group had 17 people, youngest person is in mid-30s. The hotels we stayed were exellent and they were in beautiful scenic places. The places we visited were beautiful. We were quite pleased with our tour guides in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. They were very knowledgable, very organized, very professional, and very patient. We felt safe during the entire trip. We didn't feel rushed at all. We were able to learn the culture of the local people and the indigenous people. It was worth the money spent. Overall, an excellent trip. Will definitely go with Gate1 and Affordable Tours.

Vinod W

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