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Japan Tours June 2023

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Japan Travel Guide

Japan is among the top travel destinations in the world, with over 30 million visitors every year. Japan has something to offer for all travelers: rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural settings, historical sights, adventure activities, etc. Whether you're traveling for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, take a Japan tour to discover the best parts of the country. With tour operator volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 40% versus assembling the same itinerary on your own! Book your Japan tour today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted tour headquarters. View Japan Tour Deals and Discounts

Japan Travel Guide
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Japan Travel Guide

Japan Tours Highlights

  • Learn about Japan's cultural heritage in the Tokyo National Museum.
  • Take in the views on top of the Tokyo Tower for the best panoramic view of Tokyo.
  • Explore the many temples located around Japan.
  • See the scale-model architecture works inside the Edo-Tokyo Museum.
  • Enter the gates of the Tokyo Imperial Palace on the New Year.
  • See the reflecting gold rooftops of the Kinkaku-Ji Temple.
  • Spend a relaxing evening walking through the serene Kenroku-en garden.
  • Take a selfie in front of the iconic Mt. Fuji.
  • Discover delicious Japanese street food in the Kuromon Market.
  • Explore the high-tech exhibitions of the history of the Osaka Castle.
  • Feed the deer free-roaming in Nara Deer Park.

Japan Tours Travel Tips

  • It's common to use a card for payment in the major cities, but you should also carry cash if you're planning to shop in the local markets or smaller towns.
  • Bring (or purchase) a power plug converter. Depending on where you're traveling from, you might need an adaptor to charge your electronic gadgets.
  • Many of the popular tourist attractions in Japan are sacred or religious sites. Proper clothing might be required to enter many of the temples and pagodas.
  • During the peak season, tourist sites get very crowded. Avoid the crowds and get the best photos by arriving early.
  • Slurping your food is part of the Japanese culture and signifies that you're thoroughly enjoying your meal.
  • Purchase a train pass to save money traveling on the bullet train or local metro system. There are multiple cards, but either is typically accepted on the major systems. 

Japan Tours Things To Do

  • Learn about Japan’s cultural heritage in the Tokyo National Museum
    Learn about Japan’s cultural heritage in the Tokyo National Museum

    Spend an afternoon exploring the rich Japanese cultural heritage displayed in the Tokyo National Museum, Japan's oldest national museum. Ranked among the largest museums in the world, it features a collection of more than 100,000 artifacts collected from around Japan and other parts of Asia. Tokyo National Museum focuses on Asian art, curated from key periods – Ancient Japanese art, artifacts from the Silk Road, Samurai swords and equipment, objects from the Imperial Families, Buddhism art, etc.  

    You Should Know

    More than two million people visit the museum annually to explore the rotating exhibitions. In addition to the indoor exhibits, visitors can explore the outdoor gardens located on the museum grounds.

  • See the scale-model architecture works inside the Edo-Tokyo Museum
    See the scale-model architecture works inside the Edo-Tokyo Museum

    Edo is the former name of Tokyo, and the Edo-Tokyo Museum was established in 1993 to preserve the region's heritage and history. The museum is famous for its scale models or historical city layouts and life-sized replicas of architectural structures. Edo-Tokyo Museum is a large museum with the outside architecture just as impressive as the permanent collections housed inside it. It features eight floors of permanent and temporary exhibitions spanning more than 400 years of Japan's Edo-period.  

    You Should Know

    Visitors can walk through various interactive exhibitions divided into sections tailored explicitly to Edo and Tokyo, respectively. It even features live performances for music and dance from the period.

  • Enter the gates of the Tokyo Imperial Palace on the New Year
    Enter the gates of the Tokyo Imperial Palace on the New Year

    For only two times a year, the Tokyo Imperial Palace opens up to the public to explore a section of one of the most valuable grounds in Japan. The Imperial Palace is home to the Emperor of Japan and other Imperial Family members who all reside within the palace complex.  

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit Tokyo Imperial Palace is during the Emperor's Birthday or the New Year. Throughout the year, visitors can spend time in the public parks surrounding the palace – the parks offer great views of the palace. They are an excellent place for relaxing and exploring the decorative statues of the manicured lawns.

  • See the reflecting gold rooftops of the Kinkaku-Ji Temple
    See the reflecting gold rooftops of the Kinkaku-Ji Temple

    View the Kinkaku-Ji Temple during the perfect lighting to get an appreciation of the light reflecting off of the temple's golden leaf. The Kinkaku-Ji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site included as part of the Historica Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Kinkaku-Ji Temple, which translates to "Temple of the Gold Pavilion," is a storied temple in Kyoto – the original temple built in 1397 was burned and rebuilt in 1955. It features three stories, prominently covered in gold leaf and gilded details.  

    You Should Know

    Although the temple is not open to the public, it remains a popular tourist attraction to visitors admiring the beautiful sight of the temple amidst the serene garden landscape.

  • Spend a relaxing evening walking through the serene Kenroku-en garden
    Spend a relaxing evening walking through the serene Kenroku-en garden

    The tranquil zen garden setting of Kenroku-en is a significant contrast to the bustling city life in Tokyo or Osaka. Kenroku-en is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, celebrated for its beauty. Built in the 1620s, Kenroku-en encompasses the six main characteristics of the perfect garden: spaciousness, serenity, antiquity, thoughtful design, water, and scenic views.   

    Best Time To Visit

    The garden is open all year for visitors to immerse themselves in the environment.   Stroll along the walking paths to see incredible scenery of seasonal flora, ponds, bridges, and fountains. The peaceful atmosphere is excellent for relaxation and reflection during your Japan tour.

  • Take a moment to reflect on the tragic events at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
    Take a moment to reflect on the tragic events at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

    The atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima during World War II is one of the most tragic events in human history. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park commemorates the lives lost during the events and serves as a place for the world to remember the harsh realities of war.  

    You Should Know

    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is centrally located in Hiroshima, which once was the busy downtown district – it's now an open field cleared out by the explosion. The park includes several museums and monuments about the event, including the A-Bomb Dome, the Children's Peace Monument, and the Peace Flame. Visit the onsite Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to learn more about the Hiroshima tragedy.

  • Take a selfie in front of the iconic Mt. Fuji
    Take a selfie in front of the iconic Mt. Fuji

    Mt. Fuji is an iconic symbol of Japan as the tallest mountain in the country – its height is over 3,700-meters. On clear days, the mountain is visible from Tokyo, but it makes a fun day trip to see the impressive natural landmark up-close. Mt. Fuji is an official cultural site on the UNESCO World Heritage List – it's often depicted in media, art, and pop culture.  

    You Should Know

    Mt. Fuji is an active volcano, although it last erupted in the early 1700s. It's a popular tourist attraction for sightseeing with Japan tours taking visitors to different locations surrounding the mountain for the best viewpoints. More adventurous travelers can also go climbing on the mountain.

  • Discover delicious Japanese street food in the Kuromon Market
    Discover delicious Japanese street food in the Kuromon Market

    Arrive hungry at the Kuromon Market to experience one of Japan's most famous markets located in Osaka. Kuromon Market is an indoor strip lined with food vendors and kiosks serving some of the best fresh and dried food. Kuromon Market is unlike any other market because of the range of food and products available. It's famous for seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, snacks, and other specialty dishes.   

    You Should Know

    Walk from vendor to vendor to discover the rich tastes of Japan. Most vendors offer free samples and even serve prepared food cooked on order right in front of you.

  • Explore the high-tech exhibitions of the history of the Osaka Castle
    Explore the high-tech exhibitions of the history of the Osaka Castle

    Whether visiting for the historical significance or the excellent views, Osaka Castle is a must-visit attraction in Osaka. The famous castle towers five-stories high where visitors can explore each of the castle floors before reaching the observation deck at the top. Built in the 1580s, Osaka Castle is one of the most prominent castles in Japan's history. It's the centerpiece of an extensive garden park, which includes other structures preserved for their cultural importance. 

    You Should Know

    The castle features multi-media exhibitions on each floor to learn more about the castle's history. There is no elevator inside, so you must walk up several stairs. The observation deck at the top of the castle provides one of the best views of Osaka.

  • Feed the deer free-roaming in Nara Deer Park
    Feed the deer free-roaming in Nara Deer Park

    Deer roam freely in Nara Deer Park, where visitors have a unique opportunity to interact with one of Japan's prized national treasures. Nara Deer Park (or Nara Park) is famous for its massive deer population with more than 1,200 deer living on the park grounds. Most people come to Nara Deer Park to see the peaceful animals – visitors are allowed to pet, feed, and take photos of the deer. Onsite vendors sell deer crackers.  

    You Should Know

    Nara Deer Park also has other attractions worth exploring: the Nara National Museum exhibits Buddhist and temple art, and the Todai-Ji temple features the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world.

Japan Tour Packages

Quick Facts

Spring is highly recommended to travel to Japan to admire the country's beauty. Summer is popular travel time, although it's the rainy season due to typhoons. Japan isn't a large country, but the country's layout across multiple islands allows it to experience each of the four seasons. Depending on where you're planning to travel, the season can make a significant difference in the things you can do on your trip.

  • Spring – March to May – Best Season

    The best time to visit Japan for your Japan tour is during the Spring. Late March to May is commonly known for its Cherry Blossom season. Annual Cherry Blossom festivals happen across Japan to celebrate the new season and the beautiful blossoming flowers. You can enjoy the picturesque flowers lining the streets and walkways to some of the major attractions for the rest of the season. There are many outdoor activities to do in Japan, including visiting Mt. Fuji, various Japanese gardens surrounding temples, or the public parks in the major cities. Spring provides you with fresh flora in each of these sites, making the views even more scenic.

  • Fall – September to November – Good Season

    Autumn is another favorite time for tourists. Late September to early November is typically when the trees begin to change colors, giving you vibrant landscape hues while traveling around Japan.

Japan Tours Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Japan Tours?

    Japan tours provide travelers with the perfect multi-day itineraries for traveling to Japan. The tours give a broad overview of a country with so much to offer by allowing you to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Explore Japan's top tourist destinations from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fuji, and even some of the smaller villages off the beaten path for an accurate view of the Asian country. Japan Tours will make your dream bucket list destination a reality.

  • What’s included on a Japan Tour?

    Japan tours simplify the travel process of visiting Japan by managing all logistics so that you can enjoy more of your vacation. The packages provide guided tours and concierge service to seeing the famous landmarks around the country: Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo National Museum, Osaka Castle, Mt. Fuji. You can now do everything you plan to do with a specially tailored itinerary.

  • What’s the best Japan Tour?

    Japan Tours offers several packages ideal for all types of travelers and preferred travel times. Travel during your favorite season when the Cherry Blossoms bloom or experience New Years at the Tokyo Imperial Palace. The diverse selection of tours takes visitors across the country to experience a major city like Tokyo or more rural areas to discover the preserved traditional lifestyles. Find the best Japan tour catered to how you like to travel!

  • How much do Japan Tours cost?

    Thanks to our bulk booking, Affordabletours.com can offer the best prices online for visiting Japan. We provide a range of tours specified by the experience – visitors can book a one-city city tour for a completely immersive experience for just over $1,000 USD or visit multiple cities within one trip. The prices you see are all-inclusive, including flights to the different destinations.

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Reviews for Japan Tours and Vacations

Very good itinerary. A little busy perhaps but the tour leader offered many side trips at no additional cost. G adventure does a good job. My 4th trip with them. No bad ones; they were all good

Kenneth T

We loved the tour, learning from our guide who was native to Japan but spoke English. The accommodations and meals were all better than expected and we would definitely use Gate 1 again.

Ruth H

Overall an excellent experience. However, two major complaints. One day we wasted about 8 hours on busses and trains for a very poor experience (all we did that day was take a cable car ride, sail on a lake for 25 minutes and visit a kimono museum). Also, the hotel room in Kyoto was way too small.

Robin R

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